Monday, October 12, 2015

This week was successful and unsuccessful at the same time. Our numbers were better and we got more lessons in, but still wasn't up to par with what we had set for our goals and what we know we can achieve in this area. 

Tuesday: we had a district meeting in Guayama and that was actually really fun. President and Sister Boucher came for the first part to do something with us which will be sent out as a Christmas card around the holidays. They actually had to bring the Elders from Salinas to Guayama because they locked their keys in their car at home and couldn't get into the car. So they all piled into the Boucher's car and came to the district meeting. And the Zone Leaders were there and gave us mail and stuff and I got a letter from the DR. One that my mom had sent to me while I was in the MTC. Somehow it got here, and I think I'm still missing like 3 other letters that are still floating around in the DR, hahaha. So then we had our meeting and had to take one of the Salinas elders back to Salinas because they didn't have a car. So that was like another hour taken out of our day and we didn't get back until like 2 I think. Then we went out and worked in Las 500s but didn't have much success. We talked to some people but weren't able to get any lessons in. Then we went to dinner with an investigator and we got STUFFED. Like I couldn't even express in English how full I was. I couldn't even finish half my plate. So we waddled home and tried to visit some other people but they were all busy. By that time it was time to go home.

Wednesday: we went out to Patillas. It was somewhat successful, although we still didn't get what we wanted out of it. We did a lot of contacting and talked to a lot of people but nobody was really interested in talking or learning more about us. OH! This was also the day we ran into the Jehovah Witness people outside our house. It was like 10:30 and they were just standing out there for like 30 minutes so we went out and started talking to them. and you could tell this old guy got super nervous when 4 Mormon missionaries came out to talk with him. We talked and he shared his little tid bit, and then we turned the tables and started to share with him. Beecroft even invited him to pray about the Book of Mormon. It was interesting. So then we came home from Patillas and ate a little and then went to Branch Council where people like to make fun of me for being a greenie and being so young and only having 3 months in the mission. I put up with it. They're all fun people. And that basically ended that night.

Thursday was my 100th day! And it was really good. We went to the pizza shop that we usually go to and we got pizza cones. It was interesting but pretty good. Then we went out and worked and got in a lot of lessons actually. We talked with a lot of people and just had a really good day. So we had a good day and to make it even better, we went out to play soccer with our non-member and member friends. We had like 20 people there and were playing a big game when the team with all the Mormons on it started to win. We were kicking their butts and they're guys that play on like club teams and are 20 years old. My defense was super good and I scored 2 goals. I was pretty proud. But my cleats are thrashed. It was a really good game. 

Friday we went back out to Las 500s and had a lot more success. We got to talk with a bunch of our investigators and share lessons with them. Then we went and had dinner with another investigator and got stuffed again, and then went home and had another lesson. It was a really good day. And Jose, who was waiting for his mission papers, got called to San Salvador, El Salvador. He's pumped and it'll be super cool for him to go. Yeah good day.

Saturday was good even though we only got one less active lesson in. We had lunch with them and worked in their area but really nothing came from that. It was just a really slow day and nothing was happening in Arroyo.

Sunday was really good and church was even better. There was a baby blessing and the family brought like 20 family and friends to church, some less actives and some not members. So we had 45 people there and were still missing like 15 people that are actually members of our branch. And there were really good testimonies and stuff and then President Ramos made eye contact with me when nobody else was going up to bear their testimonies. And he smiled and I smiled and I knew I had to go bear my testimony now. I was super nervous but I went up and did it and the Spanish just kinda flowed. I was super impressed with how well it went and I think everyone else was too. It was a good day all together.

This church is true and we have a living prophet on the earth today. He leads and guides this church and what a blessing it is to be able to be with our families forever. That's all the time I have, until next week. 

Love you all!

view of a lake in Patillas that we saw on Wednesday

pizza cone

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