Monday, January 30, 2017

Weeks go faster and faster!

Hey hey hey!

Man the weeks get faster and faster and faster! It's crazy, every week it feels like I don't even have time to work in my own area! But things are good. We've found some really cool people lately and we're just working to get them to church and set baptismal dates with them.

We've had some really cool experiences teaching families lately, especially one the other day that turns out to be really good friends with a member in the ward named Nestor. But they didn't come to church. So hopefully they'll keep their commitments and do their reading for the next appointment so that we can set a date with them!

The zone ended the month with only 4 baptisms... which is ten less than the goal we set. Kinda sad, but February is looking like a good month for the zone and for us, if we can get some baptisms here! The zone looks like we'll have at least 15 baptisms if everything continues the way it's going!

On Friday/Saturday we did a weird exchange with the elders of San Sebastian. I went up there and stayed in a trio with one companionship, and the other companionship that works in the area went down to San German with Elder Corales. It was super cool and really fun, and I think we all learned quite a bit about being better missionaries!

On Sunday, the member Nestor gave us food and man he cooked like enough to feed an army and we ate it aaaaalllllll. It was super good. Nestor is super funny though hahaha.

It's crazy that this transfer is almost over! Idk even know what else to say because I can't remember what happens in the week.

I KNOW that this is His work. This is His church. It was restored through Joseph Smith and is guided through a prophet in these latter days! The true authority of God is on the earth, and is available for the blessing of every single one of His children. The only way to know if these things are true is through sincere prayer, and He will answer!

Love you all!!
Elder Nelson

I have pics from this week but the computer isn't recognizing my camera...

Monday, January 23, 2017

Let's Go!!


So this week went by super super duper fast and it was crazy and we did a ton of work but it didn't quite play out like we had hoped. I'm out of time but I just want you all to know that I love you and I know that this is His church!! He guides it through a living prophet in these last days.

Stay happy, because this is THE LORD'S WORK



Elder Nelson

Monday, January 16, 2017

Mayaguez Zone doing good!

This week went by really fast and it probably felt that way because I wasn't even present in my own area for like 3 days this week!

On Tuesday we had our first Zone Meeting and I was kinda nervous to teach in it but all together I think it went super well. We're seeing some super cool results from the zone lately and it's just awesome to see how the missionaries respond to things that the Lord wants them to do in His work! For 2 straight weeks, the Mayaguez Zone has had the most lessons with members present which is super cool. And this last week we found 94 new investigators, which seems like it never really happened before in this zone!

Wednesday I was on an exchange in Cabo Rojo with Elder Herrera and it was kinda rough because we left the house and immediately we got poured on. But we ended up having a good day and I think we both learned some really cool concepts. Thursday I was here in San German and it was cool, we had a good day but honestly I have no idea what happened that day.

We've found a lot of really cool families lately and it's been super cool but really weird. Every time we find a family they're really awesome and seem to be interested but then when we go back they're not there or they're ignoring us or something! It's weird. But we'll see. Somebody's gotta get baptized here soon!

Saturday I was on an exchange in Guaynabo with Elder Wayman. So we had to drive the 2 hours up there Friday night and got there at like 11:30 and then went out and had a really cool day on Saturday. Like it felt really short but we had some really solid lessons and I learned a lot from Elder Wayman. (oh yeah, he's an assistant to the President, so as I'm a new ZL they have to do an exchange with me). But it was really cool! Then we drove the 2 hours home Saturday night.

Sunday we had a cool Stake Conference. It was actually just a satellite conference with some of the 12 Apostles, specifically for the Caribbean members. This March, Elder Andersen will be coming to Puerto Rico and will be staying a week. So maybe I'll get to meet him!!

That was really the week. It wasn't like super great but we're learning and soon we should hopefully have someone (or a family) to baptize. Just working out the quirks right now.

This is His work and His church and I know it with all my heart. If anyone lacks this testimony, all you have to do is read and pray. He will answer!!

Love you all!

 after the exchange with Elder Wayman
little bit of San German!

Monday, January 9, 2017


Ok, so here goes...

Really there wasn't a whole ton of stuff that happened, we just worked like crazy and found 20 new investigators this week! We found some solid families and had some solid lessons and it was just a really fun week for working.

I don't even remember half of the things that happened this week. We went out with a member on Tuesday to go to a lesson but all of our plans fell through. So we ended up contacting with him and we got 2 lessons and 3 new investigators with him. The people just seemed to receive us like crazy this week, and I think a lot of it comes from us being willing to talk with everyone. We literally try to contact everyone that we see. Especially families and that has been super successful for us.

On Wednesday we had to get up early at like 5:45 to be able to leave early and drive from San German to Guayanabo for MLC (Missionary Leadership Council). So we were pooped and had to drive like 2 hours to get there. But we got there and President was all pumped about some activity they wanted to do. So we all got in the big white mission van (there's 20 of us, Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders) and we went out to Old San Juan where they had us run around and do a scavenger hunt. We were in teams of ZL and STL from our respective zones and had an hour to run around Old San Juan and find random stuff. We had tons of fun and we were sure that we were going to win but then... we lost, hahahahaha, but it was really fun! Then we ate and a bird pooped on me and stained my tie. Then we went to President's house and we had the real meeting and it was super cool. It's interesting to hear him teach in English, he's even more powerful! It's just a spiritual feast coming out of President's house!

On Thursday we had a super cool lesson with the cousins of a recent convert family that Elder Corales baptized a month ago. Super cool, but the sisters are going to have to teach them because there's only women in the house and ya know. But anyways, they'll get baptized either way!

On Friday a crazy lady took us all over town. She was pushing her 17 year old son around in a stroller because he can't walk... we started helping her with the stroller to get them home because she was pushing up a giant hill. But then she took us all over town because she had no idea where she lived!!! We literally pushed her stroller for like an hour and a half!! It was nuts...

On Sunday we were able to bring 9 people to church!! We found a family of 7 on Friday and they committed to come to church and to a baptismal date for the 28th! AND THEY ALL CAME TO CHURCH. Plus 2 other investigators we found. So it was awesome.

And we found out today that Mayaguez, the smallest zone, had the most lessons with member present this last week. So that's super cool to hear!! Things are super good!

I don't even have time nor do I remember everything that happened this week. It was just super cool.

Love you all!

MLC scavenger hunt
 Elder Corales found a Coqui

Mission Leadership Council in Old San Juan

Monday, January 2, 2017

San German

So this week was interesting! San German is a really cool area, but man it's super different from San Juan!! It's all rural... just a lot of trees and farms and stuff! But it's really cool and the ward here is awesome. The bishop really knows what he's doing and is super involved in the missionary work. So that part is really good!

This week before I left San Juan, Penelope and her family took us out to ice cream and it was super fun just hanging out with them. We were all sitting there around a fountain in the plaza eating our ice cream and all of a sudden Penelope dropped her ice cream and it landed like so stereotypically perfect on the ground like it happened in a movie or something. And Penelope was just super funny. She just sat there and said "Welp. It wasn't worth eating anyway!" She makes me laugh so much, hahahaha. After going out with them, we went and said goodbye to Maria and her family.

Tuesday was transfers... And that was a long day. Like not really, but we just kinda hung around all day, then at 5 we went to Guayanabo to the trainers meeting where all the greenies and their trainers meet for the first time. I got to meet my grandson! I don't remember his name... but he's from Colorado. So that was cool. And then we left from Guayanabo at 6. The thing is, San German is 2.5 hours away from Guayanabo... So we had to drive and drive and drive to San German. Then we had to go even further to take other missionaries to home in Cabo Rojo. So we got home at about 9pm and I was pooped. So that was transfers. But Elder Corales is super cool. He's from Panama and is in my group. Amazing missionary and I'm pumped to work with him.

Most of the week was spent contacting, but we did find some cool people and set 2 new baptismal dates. One of them is Santos Silva, who was an old investigator that Corales had but they dropped him and so we went back and he's been reading the Book of Mormon for a while and is on like page 237 or something cool like that. So he's got a date now. And the daughter of a family that Corales baptized last transfer now has a date too, she didn't get baptized with the fam because she had to stop drinking coffee. But now she's ready!

I went on an exchange with Elder Russell on Saturday in Aguadilla. It was really cool. He's full Native American, and he doesn't have very good Spanish yet but the guy just goes out there and talks!! It was really cool to see.

The zone is good, we're just focusing a lot this coming week on setting new baptismal dates and getting people to church with the help of the members. Hopefully we can see some progress here in the Mayaguez zone!

Love you all, hope you had a good Christmas! This is His church and wants us all to have the truth!!
Saying goodbye to Penelope!