Monday, January 16, 2017

Mayaguez Zone doing good!

This week went by really fast and it probably felt that way because I wasn't even present in my own area for like 3 days this week!

On Tuesday we had our first Zone Meeting and I was kinda nervous to teach in it but all together I think it went super well. We're seeing some super cool results from the zone lately and it's just awesome to see how the missionaries respond to things that the Lord wants them to do in His work! For 2 straight weeks, the Mayaguez Zone has had the most lessons with members present which is super cool. And this last week we found 94 new investigators, which seems like it never really happened before in this zone!

Wednesday I was on an exchange in Cabo Rojo with Elder Herrera and it was kinda rough because we left the house and immediately we got poured on. But we ended up having a good day and I think we both learned some really cool concepts. Thursday I was here in San German and it was cool, we had a good day but honestly I have no idea what happened that day.

We've found a lot of really cool families lately and it's been super cool but really weird. Every time we find a family they're really awesome and seem to be interested but then when we go back they're not there or they're ignoring us or something! It's weird. But we'll see. Somebody's gotta get baptized here soon!

Saturday I was on an exchange in Guaynabo with Elder Wayman. So we had to drive the 2 hours up there Friday night and got there at like 11:30 and then went out and had a really cool day on Saturday. Like it felt really short but we had some really solid lessons and I learned a lot from Elder Wayman. (oh yeah, he's an assistant to the President, so as I'm a new ZL they have to do an exchange with me). But it was really cool! Then we drove the 2 hours home Saturday night.

Sunday we had a cool Stake Conference. It was actually just a satellite conference with some of the 12 Apostles, specifically for the Caribbean members. This March, Elder Andersen will be coming to Puerto Rico and will be staying a week. So maybe I'll get to meet him!!

That was really the week. It wasn't like super great but we're learning and soon we should hopefully have someone (or a family) to baptize. Just working out the quirks right now.

This is His work and His church and I know it with all my heart. If anyone lacks this testimony, all you have to do is read and pray. He will answer!!

Love you all!

 after the exchange with Elder Wayman
little bit of San German!

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