Monday, January 30, 2017

Weeks go faster and faster!

Hey hey hey!

Man the weeks get faster and faster and faster! It's crazy, every week it feels like I don't even have time to work in my own area! But things are good. We've found some really cool people lately and we're just working to get them to church and set baptismal dates with them.

We've had some really cool experiences teaching families lately, especially one the other day that turns out to be really good friends with a member in the ward named Nestor. But they didn't come to church. So hopefully they'll keep their commitments and do their reading for the next appointment so that we can set a date with them!

The zone ended the month with only 4 baptisms... which is ten less than the goal we set. Kinda sad, but February is looking like a good month for the zone and for us, if we can get some baptisms here! The zone looks like we'll have at least 15 baptisms if everything continues the way it's going!

On Friday/Saturday we did a weird exchange with the elders of San Sebastian. I went up there and stayed in a trio with one companionship, and the other companionship that works in the area went down to San German with Elder Corales. It was super cool and really fun, and I think we all learned quite a bit about being better missionaries!

On Sunday, the member Nestor gave us food and man he cooked like enough to feed an army and we ate it aaaaalllllll. It was super good. Nestor is super funny though hahaha.

It's crazy that this transfer is almost over! Idk even know what else to say because I can't remember what happens in the week.

I KNOW that this is His work. This is His church. It was restored through Joseph Smith and is guided through a prophet in these latter days! The true authority of God is on the earth, and is available for the blessing of every single one of His children. The only way to know if these things are true is through sincere prayer, and He will answer!

Love you all!!
Elder Nelson

I have pics from this week but the computer isn't recognizing my camera...

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