Monday, January 2, 2017

San German

So this week was interesting! San German is a really cool area, but man it's super different from San Juan!! It's all rural... just a lot of trees and farms and stuff! But it's really cool and the ward here is awesome. The bishop really knows what he's doing and is super involved in the missionary work. So that part is really good!

This week before I left San Juan, Penelope and her family took us out to ice cream and it was super fun just hanging out with them. We were all sitting there around a fountain in the plaza eating our ice cream and all of a sudden Penelope dropped her ice cream and it landed like so stereotypically perfect on the ground like it happened in a movie or something. And Penelope was just super funny. She just sat there and said "Welp. It wasn't worth eating anyway!" She makes me laugh so much, hahahaha. After going out with them, we went and said goodbye to Maria and her family.

Tuesday was transfers... And that was a long day. Like not really, but we just kinda hung around all day, then at 5 we went to Guayanabo to the trainers meeting where all the greenies and their trainers meet for the first time. I got to meet my grandson! I don't remember his name... but he's from Colorado. So that was cool. And then we left from Guayanabo at 6. The thing is, San German is 2.5 hours away from Guayanabo... So we had to drive and drive and drive to San German. Then we had to go even further to take other missionaries to home in Cabo Rojo. So we got home at about 9pm and I was pooped. So that was transfers. But Elder Corales is super cool. He's from Panama and is in my group. Amazing missionary and I'm pumped to work with him.

Most of the week was spent contacting, but we did find some cool people and set 2 new baptismal dates. One of them is Santos Silva, who was an old investigator that Corales had but they dropped him and so we went back and he's been reading the Book of Mormon for a while and is on like page 237 or something cool like that. So he's got a date now. And the daughter of a family that Corales baptized last transfer now has a date too, she didn't get baptized with the fam because she had to stop drinking coffee. But now she's ready!

I went on an exchange with Elder Russell on Saturday in Aguadilla. It was really cool. He's full Native American, and he doesn't have very good Spanish yet but the guy just goes out there and talks!! It was really cool to see.

The zone is good, we're just focusing a lot this coming week on setting new baptismal dates and getting people to church with the help of the members. Hopefully we can see some progress here in the Mayaguez zone!

Love you all, hope you had a good Christmas! This is His church and wants us all to have the truth!!
Saying goodbye to Penelope!

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