Monday, February 27, 2017

Sick all week, but pressing on!

I was sick all week. That basically sums up the week! Hahaha. BUT WE ALL PRESS ON IN THE WORK OF THE LORD

Tuesday morning I woke up with a sore throat and thought it was just a little bug so I kept going, and we had a really rough day. Really nothing happened. Tuesday night I went to Aguadilla for an exchange and that was the absolute worst night of my life. With a headache that I thought was going to kill me! I didn't sleep at all.

Wednesday we worked super hard, me and Elder Higgins, and we had a pretty good day but man I felt like I was going to collapse on the concrete. We did so much contacting and the sun was extremely hot and torturous. I think that really describes the weather lately!

Thursday we contacted TODO EL MUNDO and set up lots of appointments and found a cool old guy that said that like 3 years ago he almost got baptized in the Mormon church. But he's old and almost fell asleep in the lesson. We'll see what happens, he could be our miracle this transfer!

Friday we had a day full of lessons and I was still sick! This was the best and funniest part of the week for us. We had a lessons with a couple named Edwin and Yamilet and we went with a member named Rafa. He shared a super solid testimony and it was super good. But they didn't commit to come to church. The funny part was that the ward had an activity at the same time we were in the lesson and somehow the missionaries got put in charge of everything! We were about to teach and we get calls from like 7 members "hey where are you guys and why haven't you opened the chapel???" We were like "well... we're teaching and didn't know we were in charge!"

Saturday we had a good day, it's just been rough with lots of plans falling through and people not wanting to make commitments!

Anyway, life is good even when you're sick and contacting all day every day and it's super hot and nobody wants to make commitments! It's the Lord's work, why can't we be happy??

Remember to say your prayers, read the scriptures, and go out and work with the missionaries. It's part of your salvation and theirs!

Love you all!
Elder Nelson

with Elder Higgins!
Elder Corales crowding the dessert table! hahaha
Zone Conference last week

Monday, February 20, 2017

Time is flying! The mission is the best!


It's nuts how fast time is flying on the mission right now. The weeks just go by in an instant!

This week, not a lot happened but it's always interesting. I think the best part was when we went to visit Luis Montalvo, who's an investigator that we've had for a while but he has problems with drugs and stuff. The elders found him here like 10 months ago but they really just pushed him to stop using drugs and he didn't understand the need to be baptized or any of that. So now we're really focusing on his testimony and it was amazing to see the change in him. He's been reading and completing all of his assignments and it's truly made a difference in his life. He told us on Saturday that just simply reading the Book of Mormon has made him happier and has given him the desire to change and be better. I really felt the spirit as he explained that he feels happier and less stressed as he reads. And I know it's true! Reading the Book of Mormon truly will bring us the happiness and answers that we need in our life!

On Friday we had a Zone Conference in Mayaguez and it went really well. I was kinda feeling iffy about how I taught but everyone said it went really well. The cool part was when Hna Boucher announced that we're going to do a special Book of Mormon read up until Easter about the Atonement and life of Christ. As I've started to read, I can already feel again again that it's true and that Christ is our Savior!

Just work work work out here on the mission and it's awesome! The mission is the best!

Love you all!

P.S. T-minus 4 months hahahahaha

 APs, ZLs, and the Hermanas de Cabo Rojo
APs, ZLs, and the Hermanas de San German
Me and Lopezitoooooo

Monday, February 13, 2017

It's been rough but we love the work


This week was BRUTAL... but with a Spanish accent ya know, hahahaha

No but really this week was kinda a struggle for us.

Monday, all our plans fell through. So we went and found an old contact we had made like a month ago. They let us in and we taught them but it was one of the most unfocused lessons I've ever been in. The grandma was completely deaf and didn't understand a thing, the kids were nuts and the couple we were teaching just wasn't fully there. But, they said that if they received an answer, they would be baptized. So like sweet! We thought...

We had transfers on Tuesday and so we were out of the house from 8am until 9:30pm driving all over the island taking missionaries to their new areas. It was cool. But not an excuse for not having success in the week!

So Wednesday we went to an area that we had never been to before and began to contact. We taught a less active who apparently has a problem with someone in the ward and because of that, he now goes to a Protestant church or something. Although he said he knows the church is true. Long story short, it was a really long day of contacting and we didn't end up finding any new investigators. We were kinda tired walking the long trek back to the main part of town when we saw a couple walking on the side of the road like by the exit from the freeway. I'll just tell you that this is a really weird place to see people walking. So we talked with them and they were suuper cool! It was just one of those contacts where you just say "wow they seem really prepared".

Thursday our plans also all fell through! It was just turning into a rough week!

Friday I was on an exchange with Elder Bradford here in San German. And we had super sweet lessons planned but then in the end, nobody was home, the members couldn't help us, etc. Rough day.

But then we got to Saturday and that's when we really saw the hand of the Lord in the work! We had to leave for stake conference at like 4:15 to help present something in the 5pm session, but we felt that before we left we should visit a guy we had taught a week ago, but the second appointment had fallen through. And he lives far away. So before we left we made it out to his house and the dude was sad. Super sad. Turns out a friend of his had just died and it hit them all really hard. He let us share a message with him and in the end we had him smiling and laughing about a chicken! He accepted a baptismal date for the 28th of February and is actually married already. So we're hoping that when we get the chance to talk with his wife this week, that she'll be on board and they can be a little 2-3 week miracle!! I know we were told to pass by his house for a reason. I know he felt the spirit.

Sunday was also a really cool day for us! It was about 7 at night and we had had a pretty decent day, but we were in an area that was just kinda dead. So we continued contacting and then we remember a house we had contacted a while ago. It always smelled like cigarettes and honestly I didn't really wanna go inside... I judged pretty hard for the smell. BUT MAN WHEN WE GOT IN THERE TEACHING IT WAS LIKE THE RESTORATION OF THE GOSPEL CAME ALIVE FOR THEM. They understood the Restoration and the need for it so well. Jose, who's about 55 I think, was super interested and accepted the baptismal date for the 28th as well! Super cool lesson and I know now that God does not discriminate on any level! He want's all to hear the gospel!!

I know that the Lord guides the path of His missionaries and that He is preparing them to receive us. This is His true church and it is guided by a living prophet!

Quote from President Boucher about the struggling Mayaguez Zone this week "the island of Tortola, that has one companionship of elderly missionaries, baptized more this last weekend than the Mayaguez Stake."

IT'S BEEN ROUGH BUT WE LOVE THE WORK. We know that if we give it our all, the Lord will bless us!

Love you all!
 Transfers car pic
Elder Thronton at transfers!

Pictures from about 7 weeks ago, at the beginning of the transfer when I became ZL
 Saying goodbye to Maria! 
 Transfers! Hermana Keith (from my MTC group) went home 
The lineage! (Zack with his son, Elder Colon (middle) and Zack's grandson on the left) 

Monday, February 6, 2017

His work

Hey everyone!

This was a crazy week but it was actually pretty cool.

On Wednesday it was my birthday and it was awesome because we had MLC (Mission Leader Council) and got to be in air conditioning for most of the day and got to eat good food and stuff. But it was cool for me because we got home at 6pm after driving a crazy long drive and we had about an hour before we had to go to a meeting in the chapel. So we prayed and really thought about our options, about how to make this one hour as well-used as possible. We felt that we needed to go visit a 22 year old guy named Michael who says he's atheist. He's really cool and friendly but thinks that God won't respond to him because he didn't respond to him years ago when he asked if He was real. I'm not really sure how he felt in the lesson but it just really strengthened my testimony that I have a loving Heavenly Father that wants the best for us and wants us to reach our divine potential! He really truly loves us and gave us everything so that we can have a good life, and as we taught the lesson I just really realized that He lives, and sent His son to earth to pave the path for us to make it back to him!

Other cool experiences...
On an exchange in Isabela on Thursday I was out with Elder Thornton and we taught a lady and her son in their garage and we both thought "wow this is going to be a rough lesson here in the garage" but man! It was super cool! We basically taught the whole restoration of the gospel and talked about how they can be an eternal family and then out of nowhere the mom says "I like that... I was told a few months ago that in about a year I'll be completely blind... I already can't legally drive". And I was like wow that just changed my whole perspective. It's amazing what the Lord will do in our lives to help us get through the trials!

In sacrament meeting on Sunday it was really cool. Being fast and testimony meeting, sometimes it gets a little awkward at some points. But then the bishop asked some of the recent converts to share their testimonies and wow it just changed the atmosphere of the meeting. They all have such different testimonies but each one helped me to understand the power of prayer and how it really does help and change our lives. It's amazing what the gospel can do if we really put it into practice!!

So transfers snuck up on us really fast! Elder Corales is going to stay here in San German with me another transfer. This is going to be his 6th transfer in the area! But we're pumped and we know we have a lot of people we can baptize!

I know that this is His work and that this is His church. He guides it and if we allow him to, He will guide us! I know that He wants us to be happy, that families can be together forever through the authority that is in His restored church.

Love you all!
Elder Nelson
MLC (Mission Leader Council) on my birthday, 2-1-17
exchange last week with Elder Cook and Elder Valdez
the breakfast that Elder Corales made me on my birthday 
with the Sister Training Leaders from Mayaguez after MLC
With Pedro Juan!
with Elder Gil and Elder Corales