Monday, February 20, 2017

Time is flying! The mission is the best!


It's nuts how fast time is flying on the mission right now. The weeks just go by in an instant!

This week, not a lot happened but it's always interesting. I think the best part was when we went to visit Luis Montalvo, who's an investigator that we've had for a while but he has problems with drugs and stuff. The elders found him here like 10 months ago but they really just pushed him to stop using drugs and he didn't understand the need to be baptized or any of that. So now we're really focusing on his testimony and it was amazing to see the change in him. He's been reading and completing all of his assignments and it's truly made a difference in his life. He told us on Saturday that just simply reading the Book of Mormon has made him happier and has given him the desire to change and be better. I really felt the spirit as he explained that he feels happier and less stressed as he reads. And I know it's true! Reading the Book of Mormon truly will bring us the happiness and answers that we need in our life!

On Friday we had a Zone Conference in Mayaguez and it went really well. I was kinda feeling iffy about how I taught but everyone said it went really well. The cool part was when Hna Boucher announced that we're going to do a special Book of Mormon read up until Easter about the Atonement and life of Christ. As I've started to read, I can already feel again again that it's true and that Christ is our Savior!

Just work work work out here on the mission and it's awesome! The mission is the best!

Love you all!

P.S. T-minus 4 months hahahahaha

 APs, ZLs, and the Hermanas de Cabo Rojo
APs, ZLs, and the Hermanas de San German
Me and Lopezitoooooo

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