Monday, February 27, 2017

Sick all week, but pressing on!

I was sick all week. That basically sums up the week! Hahaha. BUT WE ALL PRESS ON IN THE WORK OF THE LORD

Tuesday morning I woke up with a sore throat and thought it was just a little bug so I kept going, and we had a really rough day. Really nothing happened. Tuesday night I went to Aguadilla for an exchange and that was the absolute worst night of my life. With a headache that I thought was going to kill me! I didn't sleep at all.

Wednesday we worked super hard, me and Elder Higgins, and we had a pretty good day but man I felt like I was going to collapse on the concrete. We did so much contacting and the sun was extremely hot and torturous. I think that really describes the weather lately!

Thursday we contacted TODO EL MUNDO and set up lots of appointments and found a cool old guy that said that like 3 years ago he almost got baptized in the Mormon church. But he's old and almost fell asleep in the lesson. We'll see what happens, he could be our miracle this transfer!

Friday we had a day full of lessons and I was still sick! This was the best and funniest part of the week for us. We had a lessons with a couple named Edwin and Yamilet and we went with a member named Rafa. He shared a super solid testimony and it was super good. But they didn't commit to come to church. The funny part was that the ward had an activity at the same time we were in the lesson and somehow the missionaries got put in charge of everything! We were about to teach and we get calls from like 7 members "hey where are you guys and why haven't you opened the chapel???" We were like "well... we're teaching and didn't know we were in charge!"

Saturday we had a good day, it's just been rough with lots of plans falling through and people not wanting to make commitments!

Anyway, life is good even when you're sick and contacting all day every day and it's super hot and nobody wants to make commitments! It's the Lord's work, why can't we be happy??

Remember to say your prayers, read the scriptures, and go out and work with the missionaries. It's part of your salvation and theirs!

Love you all!
Elder Nelson

with Elder Higgins!
Elder Corales crowding the dessert table! hahaha
Zone Conference last week

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