Monday, March 6, 2017

Just small little miracles! Prayers are answered.

Honestly this week was like the week of prayers being answered. We've worked so hard lately to try and find a baptism and finally our prayers were answered but it took a ton of work!

We spent a whole week from 9 to 10:20pm searching through old area books and records that the missionaries have made in the past, looking for people that would have interest in the gospel and could be baptized in March. Friday night at like 10pm we finally found what we thought we were looking for, but it was a long shot. So we went out on Saturday and found the family and it turns out the family had been living outside our area for like 6 years and just the other day moved back to San German! So we found them and found the little boy and asked his aunt and uncle to bring him to church on Sunday. AND THEY BROUGHT HIM TO CHURCH AND HE LOVED IT. It was super cool. Just small little miracles!

We also found two really cool couples in places that I had no idea we would find them. We were out in the middle of nowhere and found these 2 couples that were super cool.

That was the week really. Just lots of work and searching and finally it paid off and we saw a miracle!
I know that prayers really do get answered, just not in our time!

Love you all!
Elder Nelson


  1. Where you at elder nelson? Heather and I are in Puerto Rico till Wednesday. Staying I San Juan, sounds like you are having a blast. -wynkoop

  2. Zack does not see this blog, I maintain it for him. Sorry I didn't see this earlier. Zack is on the west side of the island in San German. Before San German he was in San Juan in a more touristy area where you might run into him at church. Zack comes home June 15. Hope you had a nice trip.
    Jan Nelson