Sunday, December 27, 2015

Merry Christmas!

(received Dec. 25, 2015.  Zack said he tried to send it on P-day and thought it went through but then when he got on the computer on Christmas he saw that it hadn’t sent)

December 21, 2015

Hey guys this week was really long and hard and it kinda sucked so I really don't want to talk much about it but I will anyway wooooooo!

Basically the best part of the week was on Monday when we met with the family that had 2 baptismal dates. We had only talked with the dad and the daughter previously but this night we got to talk with the mom too. We had a really good lesson and watched a video about the Plan of Salvation. After the movie I asked the wife if she would commit to be baptized just like her husband and daughter had last week. Super cool because she accepted without hesitation! This family is so ready! The only problem is that the dad is a meat vender and has like his own independent distribution company. And he works a ton especially in the Christmas season, because Puerto Ricans buy a lot of meat for Christmas. So it's really hard to get into their house to teach them. But this family is so ready to be baptized!

The rest of the week was rough. We had a ton, and I mean a ton, of appointments. But like luck would have it, they all fell through. We barely even got to talk to our investigators this week because everyone seems to be in this Christmas mode which is understandable but makes the mission work really hard during this time.

Wednesday we walked into an urbanization and found a car accident. The guy was trying to commit suicide and ran his tiny Toyota Yaris into a wall. The suicide didn't really work because it kinda just deflected and got jammed between the wall and a tree, and the guy was fine he just had to go to the hospital. Like all the people in the area were around this tiny car and some nutty guy who was probably high tried to pull it out with his tiny truck and he couldn't do it hahahaha. The druggies in Vega Baja are super funny. One guy came up to me and asked me if I have the pics of his brother. I had no idea what he was talking about and then he said "you know my older brother?" Somehow I figured out that he was talking about Jesus Christ and he wanted one of our passalong cards! So I pulled out all the different cards I had in my bag and he was like "no I have that one. No I have that one. Oh dame eso! (give me that one!)". The druggies are weird man but they make the work interesting.

Friday we got to go to the Mission President's house for a Christmas party with the entire zone of Toa Baja. It was super fun and Hermana Boucher makes such good food my goodness she cooks so well. It was super fun to get the gifts from our families and gifts from President and stuff and then take pictures with everybody and yeah. And we got to watch the video that Sister Boucher made of all the missionaries (which if you haven't seen or want to see you can email my mom) and it was really funny to watch all the missionaries from my group with like 6 weeks in the field trying to speak Spanish and repeat a phrase from a quote. It was just a really fun night. But then the drive home was sooooo long we didn't get home until like 11 because of a traffic jam like 20 miles long on the freeway. 

And that was the week. Super super long. Not a lot of success. But we're just really hoping we can keep working with this family to get them baptized! They're just super humble and you can tell these people are ready to change their lives.
Actually here is the link to the video! 

If you have a chance, watch the video that talks about Christ and all that he did for us. As we celebrate the Christmas season take the time to remember why we celebrate. I know that Christ suffered for me and you, each and every person and all of their afflictions. He is our Savior. Our Redeemer, and we owe it all to Him.

While you're watching that video, go to (that's what it is in Spanish, I'm assuming it's in English but I have no idea) and watch the videos there on that site about Christ and the reason for the season!

Espero que todo puedan disfrutar de esta epoca de navidad con sus familias!


Elder Nelson

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