Monday, November 21, 2016


Well, we worked our butts off this week. It was cool, we about filled up a page of contacts in the agenda, but didn't get a lot of new investigators. We have tons of contacts so hopefully in the next week we'll be able to make all those contacts into new investigators.


We had 2 more baptisms here in Hato Rey this week, the sisters and the Zone Leaders had a baptism a piece. Soooo that's pretty sick. And as a district we just have a ton of excitement for the work and it's really cool to see. It just makes you wanna work even harder when you know that everything is going well and there's success around you. It's like a self competition sometimes to just work harder and be better missionaries!

Elder Colon and I obviously get along just fine, since he's my son (he's forced to love me... haha). Sometimes it's kinda weird to see what he does... like I realize that I trained him like that. But then it's kinda cool because as missionaries we're always forced to evolve and it's cool to see how far we've both come in the little time we've been apart.

But there wasn't really much that happened here this week. It's been raining really hard. That's about it. The house is super fun with Elder Gil (a super tall and skinny Mexican), Elder Colon, and Elder Ourth. It's kinda crazy.

Sorry this is so short... I can't really remember if there was anything cool that happened this week.

But really I know this is His true church. It's been really cool to interview people lately who are preparing to be baptized. Their testimonies help me to strengthen mine! I know that this is His work and that this is the truth. There's no other way to make it back to His presence other than through full obedience to His commandments. The Lord needs us in His work. Ours in the commitment to help bring His children back to the fold. I love the gospel!

Love you all!
Elder Nelson

Last day with Munoz! (Nov 15, 2016)

 se fue Sueritosssssss

 Orr se va!

la familia Cuevas!

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