Monday, September 28, 2015

Blood Moon

Well this week was something else. We had a lot of success and our numbers were really good! Anyways here it is- 

Tuesday: we drove basically all day. We left at about 10 to take Elder Florez to Cayey in order for him to be taken to the middle of the island to Utuado where it rains like every day. That's the rain forest if there's anything rain foresty on the island. And then all the like 15 missionaries that met there, went out to Taco Bell and talked and had fun and stuff. Then we continued driving (Borries, Beecroft and I) for like another hour and a half to Guayanilla where we picked up Elder Clavel. Then we drove home. So it was like a total of like 5 hours of driving. But it was pretty fun. Then Borries and I went and talked with Daniel (the super cool guy who is now an investigator) and it was awesome because he basically believes everything we do which made teaching him really easy. And he's super interested in just making the world a better place and stuff and he's cool.

Wednesday: we went out to Patillas and had a really good day out there. We got a new investigator from an old reference we had, and then had a big lunch with Hermano Martinez and his wife. Then we went and visited with Anthony, who works in a surf shop in Patillas and is super cool. He's totally a skater/surfer dude and has so many opinions and is just really fun to talk to because he talks about some weird stuff sometimes. Patillas is turning into one of our more successful areas, but it's hard to get out there a lot because you have to get a ride with a member to go out there.

Thursday: we spent basically the entire day doing service. At like 11 we went to the Gutierrez's house and cleaned up their patio and stuff and then they gave us lunch, which was also really interesting food. Then at like 1 we got picked up by the other Hermano Martinez and he took us to his house where we helped him clean up a huge tree that he cut down in front of his house. (this was all 4 elders by the way). And that took us until about 5 but we got it all done, and he was super thankful because he really needed the help and it probably would've taken a lot longer without us. Then we went home and showered and went over to the church where we taught the Young Men and Young Women about the missionary life. Then the young men forced us to play basketball with them which I had ZERO energy for.

Friday: we went out to Las 500s where we had an even more successful day. We got 2 new investigators and one of them is like a 50 year old guy and we got there and started teaching and he basically took over. He had the whole first lesson basically memorized. He taught us. So that was super cool and super easy for us and he really wants to learn more. Hopefully we can teach his family too next time. Then we went to a lady who is also super cool. She actually contacted us and told us that she wanted to learn about us. So we went over and started by answering her questions about missionaries and then she said "okay. Teach me". So we taught her and she was totally accepting and wanted a Book of Mormon so we gave her one and she was so excited because it was all free and she was willing to pay for it too hahaha. But she's super cool.

Saturday: we got up and went over to clean the church at 8am with all the ladies from the branch. And Hermano Gutierrez. He's a funny guy haha. But that took about 3 hours and it was kinda fun/not really. Then we went home and ate lunch and did some studying and then we really tried to go out and get work done but literally everything was falling through. There was just nobody home and nobody willing to talk and it was rough. So we ended up going over to Jeila and Angel's house and sat around and talked and then they fed us and we shared a good message with them and it was a pretty good time, even though we really didn't get a lot done. 

Sunday: was kinda the same way. We had church and it was really good and we had 38 people there. The talks were good and we had a good lesson and stuff and then we went and took the sacrament to a member of the ward who isn't physically able to come to church. After that, we went home and ate the food that Hermana Roche made for us (and it was really good. Chuletas are super good). And we went out and tried to get stuff done. But again, people were just not really willing to talk and stuff was just falling through all over the place. Por ejemplo (for example): We have (had) an investigator and apparently his pastor told him he's not allowed to investigate other religions and so he can't talk with us anymore. So I got dropped for the first time hahaha. It was kinda really awkward because he doesn't want to stop talking with us but his pastor said so. Sooooo idk. That's basically how our day went. Then we went home and sat outside from like 9 to 10:45 watching the Blood Moon and taking pictures and stuff. I got some cool shots. 

So that was my week! Even though we had a few days where we really got almost noting done, our numbers were surprisingly good for the week and looking back, it was a really successful week.

And now this week is General Conference and we are pumped to be able to listen to all the leaders of the church. And it'll be super interesting since 3 Apostles have died since the last one, so things will be changed up a little. 

"The yearning you feel for something better is a yearning to come unto Christ" ~ Henry B. Eyring. This quote is really cool and super true. The scriptures say that all good things come from God and as we try to change our lives to come closer to those good things, we are ultimately trying to bring ourselves closer with Christ even if we don't realize it at the time. 

Hoping that all is good at home! You're all great :)


Elder Nelson

Blood Moon last night

Selfie from last night watching the Blood Moon. The flash was rough to deal with.  The glasses are technically Elder Florez's but he gave them to me when he left, soooo I wear them sometimes and tell people that I got glasses.

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