Monday, September 7, 2015

A good week!

September 7, 2015

Monday (Aug. 31) was just P-day and I really can't remember what we did, so it probably wasn't that exciting.

Tuesday was sooooo cool because we had a district meeting and an elder who is a Zone Leader and served in Arroyo like a year ago came down to Arroyo with us after the meeting and went out with us and showed us all the people that he used to teach and talk to, and everyone that he had ever really had a conversation with. Then we did some real contacting, which was super successful. I was a little shaky, just adding in my 2 cents every now and then. But Elder Witt is so good at it and can just talk to anyone and as we went down this street just talking to people, he was like- alright Elder Nelson it's your turn. And I kinda panicked but then I was like alright whatever so I just went for it and started talking. So I started talking and it worked and these ladies came out and loved us and loved talking to us and were super interested in us and the missionary life and stuff and then I did another house and they were super receptive so Borries and Witt called me the good luck charm. It was fun and we got a lot of potential investigators from that, and so far they have been quality potentials that are turning into new investigators.

Wednesday I don't really remember what happened. We had a lunch appointment and it was so good and we just talked a lot. The Perez family makes some really, really, good food and feed us a lot. We had lunch and ended up staying at their house for longer than we wanted because Elder Florez got so distracted with stuff and toys and the newspaper. Ohhhh and then we went and contacted a reference that Witt gave us on Tuesday and he's SOOOO coool. He's a K9 cop and was in the Army for 11 years and is super ripped and speaks English and has ATVs and a nice car and truck and he's just such a cool guy and we talked to him and we started talking about his schedule (it's going to be really hard for us to find him because he's always on call and his work covers like the entire bottom half of the island) and he talked about his family and how he does everything for them and we were like wow he's perfect we need to baptize him. We just both felt that he is going to be really receptive and stuff and he's so cool and I just wanna teach him again.

Thursday we had weekly planning that actually took longer than usual because we had so many people and investigators and contacts to talk about. Hopefully all of our planning pays off, we saw it pay off on Sunday. Then we had some lessons and then played basketball that night with a neighbor boy.

Friday we had a successful day and got a new investigator and get this, we went to an investigator's house and his dad came out and started yelling at us and telling us that everything we believe is lies and we're stupid and not welcome there and then to finish it off he goes "ustedes son hijos del diablo!" hahahahaha he called us children of the devil and it was so funny because we just stood there and had no idea what to say and then we left and both said, yeah we are totally going back there hahaha. It was awesome. Then we went to mutual (YM/YW) and it was the first one the branch has ever had and it was fun, we played basketball in our church clothes and we got whooped by the 4 youth we were playing against.

Saturday we stayed in for most of the day because Borries was sick. Then at like 4 we had some lessons and talked with Jayla and her husband and he said he would come to church. So we hoped and prayed and fasted for him to be able to come to church.

Sunday Jayla and her husband came to church and we were pumped it was awesome. If all the members show up next week, we could have 45 or more people there. That would be flippin awesome. And we also had a lesson with these 3 ladies that we contacted on Tuesday and man they talk so much! They just talk and talk and talk but it's fun to talk with them. 

That's basically the week we had, it was awesome and we had super good numbers when we reported them last night.

Love you all and everyone at home is in my prayers!


Elder Nelson

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