Monday, August 31, 2015

Week of Storms

August 31, 2015

Well this week was exciting! We had storms and some success and it was just pretty weird, but here are the details!

Monday: was just P day. We went shopping and then then we stayed home all afternoon (if I remember right) and played cards. We play Skip-Bo and Phase 10 a lot in our free time, like before bed and stuff. So Monday wasn't very eventful. Everybody was kinda freaked out because we were supposed to get such a big storm on Tuesday, but we didn't do anything to prepare since we're in a cement house and have no belongings to really worry about. Then we went to Family Home Evening with an older couple in the branch. They're so nice. They fed Borries and I some fried chicken and french fries and then we talked and shared a message and then they called us their kids and angels and it was really nice and they both got really sentimental with us. I think everybody really likes Elder Borries and I.

Tuesday: We were supposed to get a huge storm. But we woke up and nothing had happened. So we got ready like normal and then at like 10 am it started to pour super hard. So we changed and went outside and danced around in the rain and the puddles. It was fun and childish but was very necessary. After that, we went out to our district meeting and it continued to rain really hard. Afterwards, we went out to Taco Bell and ate and hung out there while the rain let up. Then it finally let up and it was basically done. So it wasn't quite a hurricane, but was fun. We got home around 2 and went out and worked and didn't really have any success because people were dealing with puddles and water and leaks and stuff, so we went off to our dinner appointment with an investigator. Her name is Margarita and she's the grandma of the Cora family (who are like our best friends). Everybody says that she won't progress but we got there and we talked and she showed us that she had read all the way through the middle of Alma. We were stunned. Like last time, she was in 1st Nephi. So we are hopefully going to commit her to be baptized this week and set a date for late September.

Wednesday: We had absolutely no success. We went to a couple houses to try and find people, some contacts and potential investigators, but nobody was home. So we were walking home when we found Moses (or Moises if you're speaking Spanish) and he is always drunk. That's the thing with him. He lives next to a bar and is always there. But he waved at us and came over and said that he wants help with his drinking and that he will come to church on Sunday. Well, he didn't come. We called him Sunday morning to wake him up and he didn't answer so he might have been hung over idk. That was Wednesday in a nut shell.

Thursday: We were again prepping for another storm, so everything we had planned got cancelled before we could even show up. Except for our lunch appointment with a less active family. We went over and had a really great lunch and then shared a message and invited them to come to church again because the branch is growing but could really use their help. So then the wife gave the closing prayer and in the middle of it, began to cry while she gave thanks for the missionaries and for The Book of Mormon in her life. So I think they'll come back soon and be strong. They didn't come to church though, so we'll see what happens this week. Then at like 8:30 pm the storm really moved in and it began to pour. The power went out and it was out all night and the wind was so strong and loud and it rained so hard.

Friday: The storm continued on Friday, as we woke up with no power still and dark clouds all over. So we got ready and stuff but had absolutely nobody available to teach and it was raining on and off so we ended up spending a lot of time at home because nobody had power. Then at like 3 when we had literally nothing to do we went and got lunch and then went down to the Malecon (the pier) and watched the big waves- which are super uncommon for the south side of the island. And then Florez and I decided it'd be fun and a once in a mission opportunity to sit on a bench at the end of the pier and wait for waves to soak us. And they did. We got soaked. In our church clothes. And it was fun. And totally worth it. The waves were so big. Then we went out to some rocks and basically did the same thing. It was a rough walk home though, completely soaked. Then we tried to work some more once I was showered, but had no success so we went home and sat on the roof and played cards and ate chips. And then President Ramos came by (what an awesome guy) with a lantern for us and some KFC since we still didn't have power at this point. It was a good night.

Saturday: We really didn't have any success with what we had planned, until we went to a member's house to talk with her. She's 91, but has tons of energy. And while we were visiting with her, like her entire extended family came by. Like her daughter and granddaughter and their kids and it was just awesome because we've been looking for them so that we can teach them. Some of them are less active and others aren't members. And everyone always says that these people are super unreceptive to missionaries and stuff but they love me and Borries! They're all so friendly and invite us over and it's just great. Seems like with all the unexpected people, we have the most success. That night, we went over to Jayla's to see how her talk was coming for Sunday.

Sunday: Church was good mostly because Jayla gave a really great talk. She was super nervous but when she got talking up there, she was really comfortable and happy and it was so good. She did an amazing job and I could totally feel the spirit and understand her talk. I think she's basically reactivated, but we just have to talk with President Ramos. Then we went off to a surprise birthday party for the Cora's 13 year old daughter. And Puerto Ricans go all out. It was cool. So we stayed there for a while and made some friends and they had like a real DJ and he played 'Watch Me' with the whip, if you know what that is. It's a song that says "watch me whip, now watch me nae nae" whatever that means. And there's a dance, and I know it and so does Yalishmar, who's the youngest girl in the Cora family. So we did the dance and everybody loved it and laughed their butts off and then soon all the 20 kids were behind us with the other elders and they were all doing the dance even though some of the elders struggle with it. Hopefully I can get the videos sometime. And then some parents did it and it was just so fun and everybody loves me and yeah it was great. Then we went out and worked and just had a normal Sunday. 

Also, like last P day we all ran out of money on our Mission Cards, so we have kinda been living on really no food for a week. But we survived.

That's really it for this week. I love all you guys and I hope everything is good back at home or wherever you are!

Love, Elder Nelson

Some answers to some of Mom’s questions:
We cook a lot of rice and beans and chicken. But Elder Borries is actually a really good cook and makes some good stuff for us. 

The humidity is pretty bad. Like it's hot. I sweat a lot. But then when we get to sit down and stuff it's not bad. You just kinda get used to sweating.

We have a washer in our house so we can really do laundry whenever we want. And then we have some racks and fans and we just hang dry everything. It's not too bad.

I don't really have much else to add. But President Boucher was not able to bring my mail from the office. So that was lame. Hopefully I can get it this week. Could you also add to my blog that people can send things to 

Urb. Arroyo Del Mar
Calle Caribe #108
Arroyo, PR 00714

Because it's actually really reliable and that's what everyone does. That's my house address. 

 Washing the car in the rain in the first storm.

 Big wave.  Usually on the south side there's no waves

 Cool wave
 me and Elder Florez under the wave

 at the ocean

waves crashing on the pier

Huge wave caused by the storms last week.  Not sure why picture is so dark, but it's super uncommon to have any waves on the south side of the island where I'm at.

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