Monday, November 30, 2015

Food, lots and lots of food! And investigators!

What a week to be thankful for! This week was awesome with 12 new investigators and lots of potential coming from Vega Baja! Oh and food, lots and lots of food.

Monday was just regular P-day as usual if I remember right. I can't seem to remember the days anymore because they all are filled with contacting and talking to people and it's all a blur! I have no idea what we did.

Tuesday we had a little bit of a long morning. Elder Suero and I left the house at 9:45 for his doctor appointment in Bayamon, got to the appointment late because we had no idea where the building/office was, and then found out that the appointment was actually for Monday! We went all the way out there just to make another appointment! But it's all good. It was a fun morning and we got to go out to Church's Chicken and they have Nutella filled biscuits and they're really good. So we got back and went straight to contacting again. We finished the area that we've been working in for the last week. We contacted every single house in this urbanization (neighborhood)! Then we went to dinner with a member and they fed us real good! I ate so much that it hurt to walk the 30 minutes home. I guess that was kind of a heads up for the days to come hahaha

Wednesday we intended to go contacting again in Jardines (another urb) but got sidetracked when a member asked us to help and do some service. So we spent 2 hours painting their fence and then they fed us and it was a good time because their family has 2 guys that are recently returned missionaries and are super fun to hang out with. So they fed us and I could hardly walk after that. So Hermano Laureano came and picked us up for Missionary Correlation with all the missionaries in the ward. That meeting for some reason took like 2.5 hours. For some reason we had tons to talk about. But the coolest experience of the week was after the meeting. We went out to the urb that's right next to the church, and tried to go and visit with our investigators and potentials in the area. Nobody and I mean nobody could talk with us. So we had no idea what to do. So we said a prayer in the street for direction and inspiration. Then both of us at the same time thought of a name. We both came up with an investigator who seemed super interested but hadn't been answering our calls nor did he come to church like he promised. Although the house is on the other side of the town, we went. And like 35 minutes of walking later we got to the house and just found his mom. After a short conversation with her we asked where her son was and why he hadn't been answering our calls. She first said that he's at school studying, but then as we asked more questions she broke down and told us that he's in trouble with the law and is in jail right now. So wow, the spirit definitely directed us to go to this house and comfort this mom in her time of need. We had an amazing lesson and although the first time we went by she didn't want anything to do with us, now she is super interested in our message. She was asking questions and I know she could feel the spirit. It was an amazing lesson and we're hoping that when we visit her this week we can get her to commit to a baptismal date.

Thursday was Turkey Day. We had an appointment at 1 and 5 for food and I literally felt sick as I ate. I was stuffed. We visited some other people but we all ate too much and all felt sick so it was just a weird day but it was so fun. We went to the Torres family first and then to the Rivera family second and man Puerto Ricans cook and it was a ridiculous amount of food everywhere.

Friday we had a Zone Conference in Toa Baja and it was really good. I learned a ton and was able to share with President Boucher all the awesome stuff that's happening to me in the mission. It was a really good day.

Saturday we did service at a less active's house until like 4pm. It was a crazy amount of service. Her house is huge and like overgrown so we have a ton more work to do there. Then because service went so long, all of our plans got messed up so we had no idea what to do. Again, we said a prayer. And oddly we were directed to an area that we had not planned to go to that day. So we went, and ended up contacting the whole night and found 3 more new investigators and were able to teach some really good lessons.

Sunday was church and we had a really good time after church visiting with the wife of the Bishop who's in the hospital right now. She's super nice. Then we walked like forever to a member's house and they gave us dinner and it was good. The chapel was freezing though like I'm going to need to wear a sweater or something to church even though I don't have one. It rained and was cold and the A/C was all the way up and pumping and I almost died of hypothermia.

But yeah that was the week. I learned so much this week from Elder Suero about how to follow the spirit. We have super good things happening in this area and are super excited for what we have coming up. This next week we hope to have bunch of baptismal dates and the work will progress real fast!

Love you all! Enjoy this season with your families!

Elder Nelson

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