Monday, November 16, 2015

In a trio now

This week was crazy and felt like it was about 2 years long. A lot of stress and changes and things that I didn't expect to happen only a week into the new transfer!

Monday we went to meet with President Boucher and talked about the things that happened Sunday night with Elder B. It was a long time sitting around in the mission offices, but it was definitely good to be able to talk with him and try to figure out the best plan for Elder B. Then after that we went out and got something to eat and went to Marshall's and stuff, some of the stores on the way home just to try to have a little bit of fun on our P-day. Then we came home and went out and emailed and all that fun stuff. It wasn't a very eventful day. At like 9pm President Boucher called us as we were walking back from Walgreens and told us that Elder B. would be going home, but he didn't exactly know when yet. That was hard. We were walking and he just kinda stopped and dropped his bags and it was just really difficult to get that news.

Tuesday we had a district meeting and it was... normal. Just a district meeting. But the sisters did bring bread and some donut holes for us so that made it about 10x better. After the meeting we went and visited some people and visited some of the little shops in town so that Elder B. could buy some souvenirs for his family before he left. We visited some more people and started to pack his stuff although it was a really slow process because he just did not want to do it nor did he want to leave. He was super stressed out because he still didn't know exactly when he would be leaving and stuff like that.

Wednesday was kinda the same thing. We went and visited some people and tried to go to some shops but they were all closed because it was Veteran's Day and we had totally forgotten about that. So we went and got lunch at Wendy's and then a big chocolate dessert thing at Church's Chicken. It was during lunch that President called and told us that Elder B. would be flying out Thursday morning. So then we just went back to the house because now he had a deadline to finish packing. We ended up having to skip the missionary correlation meeting with the other missionaries because we had to leave at 8 and he was not anywhere near done packing hahaha. But we got it done and then at 8pm we left with the other 2 elders to go to Bayamon to the AP's house so that Elder B. could sleep there for the night and then leave early in the morning to go to the airport. So it was like 9:30pm when we got there and then still had to take some things from the APs to the ZL's house in Levitown. So we didn't get back home until like 11pm. It was such a long day. After not getting to sleep until 4:30am one day, then like midnight for the next few nights, this was a super long day.

Thursday we started working. I'm now in a trio with the 2 elders that were already here in Vega Baja with me. They're both Latinos, Elder Amaro is from Mexico and Elder Morales is from Guatemala and don't know English at all. So I've had to pick up the Spanish really fast. But it's coming to me. I think this will be the best way for me to learn Spanish. They're both helping me a lot. We went to a family that lives in Manati and had a really good lesson and the mom made us some awesome pasta. It was a really fun night with them.

Friday we went out and visited a family that they had contacted before. The visit ended up being more oriented toward the mom because the others weren't very involved but she was super receptive. After the lesson Amaro and I both said that that was the first lesson we've been in in a few weeks that went so well. I think next time we're going to extend the invitation to be baptized because she is super ready. Then we went out with the Bishop to a lady in the hospital and that was kinda fun. Morales and I had no idea who she was so we just kinda hung around. I really don't remember what else we did Friday since all the days are mashing together and it was a super long week.

Saturday we went and did service at the house next to Hermano Laureano's and just cut the lawn and stuff. It was really easy, then we went to the church and had a ward mission activity where the kids ran around and tried to find things. I guess you call that a scavenger hunt. I couldn't think of the word all week. Then we had nachos and sandwiches and watched Meet the Mormons which is always a good movie to watch and I love it. We had way more people show up than I thought we would which made it really cool.

Sunday we had a good day at church and then had a ward leadership meeting which we were invited too and because I'm new in the ward I had no idea what anybody was talking about. So that was pretty boring. Then we went and visited some people and it was a good day!

This week was so long but we have tons of support and things are getting better! We're really starting to find our groove here and the work is starting to progress a little better for me than it has been for the past 2 weeks almost.

This week I really learned that prayers are answered. When Elder B. and I needed help the most, I could feel the peace that comes from this gospel and I know that my Heavenly Father was there watching over us and protecting us and giving us the guidance and direction we needed.

I love you all! And I'm officially 1/5 of the way through my mission already!


Elder Nelson

Me and Elder B. at 9:30pm on Wed. night (Nov. 11) when we dropped off Elder B.

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