Monday, February 22, 2016

What a week...

First of all this week was really hard. Satan tries to stop the work right when we get close to doing good things here. And he went to work hard this week because as we have the goal to teach 14 lessons with members present, we only got 1 this week. The members were sick or busy or the appointments fell through or something but it was hard. Really hard.

Monday for Pday we wrote home and then went and hung out with the Torres family and ate lunch with them and all that good stuff. It's always good to be with them because they understand our struggles and we can vent about the work.

Tuesday we had a Zone Conference with President Boucher and it was really good. We learned a lot about how to manage our time wisely as missionaries, and that we are here to serve the Lord, not the wards. Lots of missionaries end up doing more for the ward than for the missionary work. So that was cool and definitely applies to us in Vega Baja.

Then the rest of the week turned to contacting. We began to work more in the area that's close to the beach. We had never contacted out there since we need someone to drive us out there, but we did, and we're beginning to find people to teach out by the playa. Like Antonio who's 95. And some other people, but generally contacting this week didn't bear many fruits. We contacted a ton and I mean a ton, but we didn't seem to find the people that are ready to hear about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

And I mean that sums up the week. It was really the most mentally hard week of my mission. We lined up with the bishop's son Edwin to come to church on Sunday, then he ended up going to his old other church because apparently he's in charge of recording some activity or something. It just kinda messed with us when we thought that he would come to church and stuff but then ended up changing his mind on us. But things will work out I'm sure because Hermano Torres talked with him about taking his baptismal date seriously, hopefully that'll help him and us achieve the goal for his baptism. He's super ready and I would hate to have to postpone his baptism.

Ada has a baptismal date for the 19th if I remember right, and she's progressing pretty well. She has a hard time understanding things and remembering what we talk about, but she has a desire to come to church and now knows really well how to search for scriptures in her cell phone so that she can read them. She's super humble and is the first person I've met that really understands the importance of coming to church to receive an answer to her prayers.

Although things were really hard this week and seem to have been hard for the last few weeks, I'm still happy with what we're doing and the progress we're making in the work. The past few weeks have shown me how much I've grown in the mission, as well as Spanish, and it's motivated me to be better and work harder to reach the potential that we can see here in Vega Baja. Always moving forward and never looking back.

Love you all!

Elder Nelson

Floating car hahaha

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