Monday, February 29, 2016

Pushing through!

Hey everybody!
This week was super cool and flew by. We are still having trouble getting member present lessons, and the mission is hard, but there are lots of really amazing aspects of the mission.

This week, again we spent a lot of time contacting. We contacted a ton and I got super red for like 3 days straight from being out in the sun. But it all pays off when you find the people who are ready to hear about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. It's all worth it.

I think there were 2 highlights to my week, the first being Ada and her sister Isabel. We started by teaching Ada and her husband, but then on Monday we went by and Ada had told her sister about us and the message that we share, and invited her to sit in on the lesson with us. Ada is a really timid lady, and for her to invite her sister like this really surprised me and shows us how ready and prepared she really is to make this covenant with our Heavenly Father. So we taught them and extended a baptismal date to all 3, Ada, her husband Ricardo, and Isabel. And they all accepted to be baptized on March 12th. It was a super cool lesson because the sisters understand how important baptism is and are super excited to be baptized.  Together, they ask questions that are actually super cool to hear from an investigator. Things that not a lot of investigators think about. Like Isabel asked, "if I can't come to church every Sunday, does that make my baptism invalid?  Because sometimes I get sick". They asked things like that because they truly understand the importance of baptism and living the gospel as they make this covenant. They're amazing. And they came to church, the very first time we invited them! Ada even took the initiative to ask her daughter to drive them to church so that members wouldn't have to worry about them. And they loved church. These 2 ladies are truly a miracle, and have strengthened my testimony a ton!

Also, I had an exchange with the zone leaders and I got to work in Levittown with Elder Boggess. We had worked together before in an exchange and we're really good friends. This guy teaches me a ton. Every time I get to work with him I learn something new and I always enjoy working with him. He's a real example to me of what a dedicated missionary is and gives me motivation to be better. Although he says I know a lot, I always learn from him and we have a great time together.

But, there's always struggles in the mission because like always, people have agency. So we've been teaching the bishop's son who's been avoiding the church for like 20 years, always been going to some Protestant church. Now he's meeting with us and he had a date for baptism for the 5th, but didn't come to church yesterday. We talked to him so much this last week and he understands that he has to come to church, he knows the church is true, but won't come! Apparently he's in charge of recording the services on Sundays and because of that, won't give up on the other church. I mean, we talked pretty hard with him about what he really needs to do, and we even went to his house to pick him up. We made arrangements and everything and then he stood us up and left early to go to the other church. I just don't know what more we can do with him, because he knows it's true, just has to make a decision. That was the hard part of my week.

But, we push through. The transfer is almost over and it's guaranteed that either Suero or I will be transferred since we have 3 transfers together. So we'll see what happens!

Oh and today I get to give one of the investigators of the sister missionaries a haircut, because his hair is super long and can't afford a barber, so we'll see if I truly have the skill. Maybe if it goes well I'll look into it as a career ;)

This is the true church, the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It was restored through a prophet and is led by a living prophet today. I love it and nothing will ever change that.

Love you all!

Elder Nelson

Nosotros comiendo con los chinos en nuestra segunda casa

me and Elder Boggess after our exchange this week 

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