Monday, March 7, 2016

Still in Vega Baja

This transfer literally went by like 4 days and maybe a couple hours thrown in there. It was so so sooooo fast. I don't understand how it went by so fast but that doesn't really matter.

This week was rough. We had a really fun district meeting on Tuesday and took tons of pictures and stuff. This district is really cool, compared to the other ones I've been in. We're all just kinda super close and talk about everything and can rely on one another. So it was fun to take pictures and goof off with everyone for the last district meeting of the transfer. Honestly I can't remember what we did after the meeting. I think we went out and worked close to the beach in the neighborhoods over there. But honestly I can't remember for some reason. It probably wasn't a really successful day since I can't remember.

Wednesday we went back to the doctor for Elder Suero. We got up at 5 in the morning and left the house at 6 and got to the doctor's office at 8, and then sat in the waiting room with a bunch of kids until like 10:30 when they finally called him in. It's funny going to the doctor with Suero because for some reason he's still a minor here in Puerto Rico so he has to go to a pediatric doctor and the waiting room is always just full of kids and babies screaming and crying and then there's me and Suero and sometimes even President Boucher there with us. So we spent like the whole day there and then came back and worked a little before the correlation meeting with Hermano Laureano. It was such a long day holy cow.

Saturday I did an exchange with Elder Morales and it was super fun. We were walking through the area of government apartments and some guy stopped us as we were walking and started to talk to us. And so we started teaching him and I was talking and he goes "hey can I smoke" and I was like well it's your agency but I would prefer if you didn't. So he went to his car and pulled out a bunch of marijuana and rolled it and smoked it in front of us (or whatever you do to prepare it) and then he was telling us to pray but us both at the same time and in silence and that he would feel our prayers if they were sincere. The dude was nuts. Super high while we were talking to him. That was the highlight of the day.

Oh also this week we had 2 ward activities and one of them was to watch Meet the Mormons and the ward kinda flaked out because nobody knew who was in charge of the activity so the missionaries ended up having to set up and take down and there were like 4 members there, and 5 investigators. There were more investigators than members in the activity hahaha. The other activity was good too, they did Family History and most of these people have never done it before. So it was cool because some people sent in records for like 50 family members. Super cool stuff. It's kinda sad though because some people just have them and their parents in their family tree and don't know anything else about their families.

And then Sunday we found out transfers. I was super positive that I was going to get pulled out of Vega Baja because I have 3 transfers here already and Suero and Morales also have the same amount of time. But we got the call and I'm staying here with Elder Suero for our 4th transfer together (which is a TON of time together). Elder Ferreira is going to train and Elder Morales is going to Ponce and will be companion to Elder Borries who trained me in Arroyo way back like 6 months ago.

Ummm, but I believe that is it. The work here continues to progress and we have a couple baptismal dates that we're working on. We hit a road block the other day but it was really weird. This lady has a date for the 26th of March but then was telling us that she has to take her time to pray and read and find out that the church is true. It was weird because she was like telling us all the stuff that we always tell her. Like we tell her that everytime we go over, idk if now she's just finally understanding what she has to do or... idk. But we continue to work!

Love you all, this is the true church that Christ founded when he was on the earth. I know it and I believe it with all my heart, there's no doubt about it.

Love you!
Elder Nelson

Ay papa!

District photos!

 La familia

 Las hermanas

 Elder Ferreira, me, and Elder Morales

 Elder Suero holding me

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