Monday, March 21, 2016

Seeing the Purpose (and I'm sick!)

Hi everyone, this week was a mess. We contacted like 4 days of the week and ended up not finding anybody who really has potential or wants us to come back. It was hard.

Tuesday we had a Zone Meeting and it was really good, then we went out and contacted.

Contacted Wednesday, Thursday and Friday- and we didn't really find anybody! It was rough because Ada and Isabel, the sisters that we've been teaching, have kinda turned off on us. They haven't really completed with reading the Book of Mormon and praying. They do it, but not with a sincere heart. So that's really what we focused on with them this week, praying and reading with real intent so that they can find their answer to know if this church is true. It was a really cool lesson though, because we really broke down the things that are holding them back. We felt the spirit with them for the first time in a while and committed them to try harder.

One of our investigators named Reny is progressing really well. He has problems with a few of the commandments but he's super willing to change.

The best part of the week was after church yesterday. Edwin came to church and he has a baptismal date for the 26th of March, this coming Saturday. So we taught him a short lesson and we felt the spirit so strong. We went over the baptismal interview questions and the guy is super ready! It was a powerful lesson. Afterwards Suero and I were talking and we realized that the reason we've been together for 6 months is so that we could baptize Edwin. He's been taught by so many missionaries, and we're the only ones that have gotten through to him in a way that he has a desire to be baptized. It was super cool to realize that. I can honestly say that there is a purpose in the revelation that President Boucher gets about transfers.

Today I'm really sick with the flu or something and I don't have the mentality to write a whole lot, just know that Edwin is going to be baptized and that was the best part of the week!

This is the church that Christ founded. It has been restored through a prophet and we all have the opportunity to take part in the gospel of Jesus Christ. I love the gospel. I love being a missionary even though it's frustrating at times. It's the best thing ever.

Love you all!
Elder Nelson

PS Suero and I are pro picture takers/ models

This is Edwin who's gonna be baptized on Saturday. The picture didn't come out too good but ya get the picture ;)

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