Monday, March 14, 2016

Follow promptings

Buen dia mi familia y amigos!

This week was actually really good. Despite all the different events that happened this week, we've found our motivation and know exactly what we should be doing because we followed the promptings of the spirit to get ourselves out of Vega Baja!

This week we had transfers and so that meant that I had to drive all over the island. All day long like 9am to 8pm all over the island. First we drove down to Cayey where we met up with like 30 other missionaries and it was super loco pero bien chevere. Then we drove up to Bayamon to drop off some other elders. Then finally we drove over to Guayanabo to pick up the new companion of Elder Ferreira. Ironically, this new greenie is also from Guatemala, so for the past like 9 months there have been greenies in Vega Baja from Guatemala. Interesting. He's pretty cool but is different from Morales because he thinks a lot about how different Puerto Rico is from Guatemala. But sometime he'll get used to it. He didn't like Suero's cooking the first night either hahaha

So Wednesday we worked out close to the beach a little, talked with Antonio (the guy who's 95) and we really don't know what to do with him. And then we finished contacting the beach area so that concluded Vega Baja. Like we've contacted every part. When we came back into the city part of Vega Baja, like every police officer in the area was racing through town super fast. And we were super close to where they were all going. So we continued walking and then a bunch of police literally ran right by us with their guns out and stuff like real guns (although one big guy just had a whimpy tazer). Apparently they were chasing some guy really close to where we were. Like the whole town shut down.

Friday we had to go into Bayamon again for another doctor's appointment at 9 in the morning and so I just hung out with President Boucher in the waiting room. We're pretty tight. Then when we came back we went and worked in Manati. And wow what a difference there is between the two cities. Manati doesn't see the missionaries as much so they're way more humble and receptive to us. We found like 3 new investigators or something I really don't remember. Then we came home and taught a few lessons and set a baptismal date with a guy named Reny that we've been talking to for like 2 weeks now. He's interesting but has a huge desire to change his life and get out of the circle that isn't really good for him. So hopefully April 9th he'll be in the waters of baptism. Then we went to the Portuguese class that Elder Ferreira is doing now. It was crazy hahaha because really it was the missionaries and bunch of members and investigators that are somewhat nuts in some way or another. But we learned Portuguese and I'm already a pro hahahaha.

Saturday we went out to Manati again but it was so stressful because we didn't have a ride to get out there and then our ride home fell through. But nonetheless we found the people that are ready to receive the gospel! We had a weird lesson with Edwin Saturday, weird because we taught in his house with his dad, the bishop. We had never done that before because the bishop puts a lot of pressure on him. It was short but we committed him to come to church. And me being a smarty pants told him that we would pick him up at 8:30, but then Sunday came and we showed up at 8:10 to make sure that he didn't go to the other church! I was pretty proud of that idea.

Sunday Reny and Edwin both came to church and had a good time there. So things are progressing and getting better for us. BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE: Sunday night we passed by Marcelino's house (he got baptized in January and is kinda nuts) because he didn't come to church. And he came out and told us, yelling, that he's gonna start his own church. That we're thieves taking the tithing and that he knows the gospel better than us. It was RIDICULOUS. And Hermano Laureano just stood there stunned while I was trying to figure out what in the world happened and why Marcelino went all crazy. And Suero was in the street calling him to repentance and telling him he doesn't have the authority to make his own church. It was super loco. Super.

But although there are crazy people, the church is still true and I know that the missionary work really is important. Puerto Rico needs the gospel and although it's hard, bringing the gospel to our brothers and sisters is what is really needed. I know that Christ suffered for us. Lately I've thought a lot more during sacrament meeting about Christ and his Atonement for us. He really did suffer for each and every one of the pains and worries I have, for each person who doesn't want to accept the gospel, and for each and every one of my sins. I'm so thankful for him and the opportunity I have to preach of him each day. He is our Savior.

Love you all!

Elder Nelson

Me and Elder Morales on Tuesday, day of transfers.  (March 8, 2016)

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