Monday, March 28, 2016


Hi everyone, this week was great.

It started out super rough with being sick and all that, but the work goes on. So even though I was dying of a headache and couldn't move my head because my neck was so stiff, we went out and contacted in Manati and really just found the crazies. We ended up teaching 2 crazy ladies who didn't want anything but then we applied something that the sister missionaries do to get references. They ask super specific questions about the neighbors of the people they're teaching and can pull references out like that. So we asked these crazy old ladies and they referred us to some guy at the end of the street, like they knew we were gonna ask. So we went and talked to him, and turns out the guy had talked with elder in the past and wants us to come back! It was an inspired reference that I never expected!

Also Tuesday Edwin was super depressed so we pulled him out of the house like usual and it was interesting because one of the bishopric members was apparently touched by my strong words in Ward Council the other Sunday,  and was out working with the other elders. So he went with us and Edwin and helped us a ton to have a really spiritual lesson with him. He seriously helped us, and in this lesson definitely built some confidence between us and Edwin and the bishopric and stuff. Tuesday played out really well for us.

Wednesday we went and contacted Manati again and found a really cool lady who seems to have interest. She really liked what we shared and even referred us to her mom, who we'll try and talk to this coming week. Not much else happened Wednesday, but it was super weird when we found a couple that we had contacted MONTHS ago, in Manati. But they're from Vega Baja. We always run into them like every 3 weeks in random places. They don't know it right now, but that happens for a reason and they will be baptized some day. Hahahaha

Thursday was really only exciting because we were contacting close to the center of town and found some old nutty lady who did a prayer but midway through she stood up and put her hands on our heads and started to move our heads around while giving this super intense prayer and we were dying laughing inside while she did this. I almost peed from holding in the laughter. She was like yelling the prayer while moving our heads around hahaha. Thursday night I started an exchange with Elder Boggess again so that Friday they could interview Edwin for his baptism.

Friday Boggess put me to work and we contacted the WHOLE DAY literally 8 hours contacting. It was so rough. But we found some really cool people for them to teach. The best/worst part of the day was at 7pm when Suero sent us a text that said 'we have to postpone the baptism' but he didn't tell us anything else! So me and Boggess got all worried and stuff about what could've gone wrong in the interview. And that made me really worried because like it's my first baptism. So then we get back to Vega Baja and Suero and Moran (Boggess' comp) were all sad and told me that we have to change it because Edwin didn't pass and President has to call and interview him. But wouldn't tell me why!! So I was like freaking out and then Moran pulls out the baptismal record all filled out. They pulled some big joke on me for my first baptism. I was so happy hahahaha but the best part is that I was kinda sad on the drive home so Boggess bought me Wendy's with his own money, and it was all a joke! Sorry Boggess.

Saturday was Edwin's baptism so we went to the church at 10am to clean it and make it all pretty. Then at 2 we went back to finish prepping, and at 4 everyone showed up and we took pictures and all that. And then President Boucher and the Porters from the mission office showed up! The baptism was actually pretty full. Edwin was really nervous but after the baptism was performed he was super happy and calm. It's amazing what baptism can really do for somebody. Everyone was crying, his parents and friends and it was a super spiritual event. Afterwards, President told us we did a good job, we cleaned up, and then Devon (who's a greengo here studying and working in a hospital) took us out to Church's chicken to celebrate.

Sorry this is so long but it was a good week. Sunday came around and Edwin showed up to church happy in a white shirt without us even having to remind him. He was so happy! He was talking with everyone and conversing with people he had never talked to before. You could just see the change in him. So I gave him one of my ties and he looked just like a missionary in the photo with us! Then during church he was given the gift of the Holy Ghost and he was crying and smiling the whole time. The change is so drastic in Edwin. After church there was a ward activity and we sang a hymn and one of the sister missionaries told me that Edwin was crying his eyes out during the song, so full of happiness and the spirit that he didn't know what to do with himself! The Gospel of Jesus Christ is real and changes lives. I'm a witness to that change in the life of Edwin.

Okay that's it. It was a great week and we're looking forward to more weeks like this. A baptism definitely helps us have more energy to work! Love you all!


Edwin Gonzalez Colon se bautizo!  (me, Edwin and Elder Suero)

 us and Edwin and Hermano Torres, who performed the baptism of Edwin

Elder Suero and me with Edwin yesterday at church before he was confirmed and given the gift of the Holy Ghost

Edwin and his parents before the baptism (the bishop and his wife). They're super happy!

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