Monday, April 4, 2016


So this week flew by, it was super busy and interesting. And Conference was awesome!

Monday was the normal pday, we didn't do much.

We didn't seem to have a lot of time this week to work, at least it felt that way. Wednesday we had to drive to Caguas again to go to the doctor at 8 in the morning so we had to get up at 5am and it was a super long day. President always tells me he's tired of being in the doctor’s office with me, hahahaha, but this time he gave us 20 bucks for Wendy’s so we went and spent it all.

Last Sunday it was really cool because a less active/part member family came to church on their own, like we hadn't talked to them since December. But they came so we set up an appointment and went over and it was one of the best lessons ever. The non-member dad and son both want to get baptized and so we set up a date and it was just super cool. The dad is a big macho man but he was bawling telling us about his life. Baptisms soon!

We ended up working the entire week in the area of this family, and found a ton of people! It's cool how different people can be in each neighborhood. The people accepted us here really easily so we'll see how everybody progresses. But it was really cool to see people wanting to talk to us.

Then Saturday and Sunday was Conference! It was so good! I don't have my notes with me right now but the talks by President Uchtdorf and President Monson and Elder Holland were my favorites. President Uchtdorf had a serious sense of humor! And Holland too. It's amazing how much we can learn from the prophets in just 2 days, and how they answer whatever question we have! I know that my questions were answered and will continue to be answered as I apply their teachings to my life and continue to study their talks.

I know we have a living prophet on the earth! He received inspiration for the world and we are honored to be able to sustain him and his apostles as witnesses of Christ!

If we just understand a tiny bit of how much they love us, we will be able to better apply their teachings. WE ARE LOVED by the leaders of the church and even more by our Heavenly Father. What an honor it is to preach His gospel, and have the opportunity to help others come unto Christ. Remember that we ALL have this opportunity!

Love you all! Today have a zone activity and we're going to some caves in Arecibo so it should be cool!

Nos vemos!
Elder Nelson

Me and Elder Suero (yes, we have matching ties)

Me and Elder Reyes (he's the greenie in the house, but served 3 months in Guatemala before PR)

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