Monday, April 18, 2016

Miracles! (And I'm being transferred)

Wowwwww what a week!

So basically this week was a big miracle. We decided that because transfers were coming up, that we were going to leave Vega Baja the best we could even though we didn't know who would be leaving. So we decided to go all out and drop all the people that didn't want to progress. We contacted like crazy all week and found some amazing people.

It was so cool Wednesday I think it was, we went out to contact and didn't have a whole lot of energy. But we got to the area where we've been working and man somehow the energy just came and we found the faith to contact. And we were so blessed! We contacted one house and a teenage girl came out and then her mom and her dad and siblings and we ended up teaching the entire family. They have so much interest and ask the most amazing questions. They're literally prepared to be baptized. So we invited them to be baptized and they accepted a date and then accepted to come to church and wow. We were stunned. The mom in just one day, read all the way to 1 Nephi 13 and remembered EVERYTHING. Literally every part of every story and every name. It was crazy. Then Sunday they all came to church and they loved it! I was talking to the parents after church about how I will probably be leaving Vega Baja. And the mom said, "yeah when we get baptized I'll make sure to send you pictures!" We've only known these people for 4 days and WOW.

And the family of Waldemar and Milagros (part member fam) came to church so we had 5 investigators and 5 less actives in church on Sunday. A miracle. But now I'm getting pulled out of Vega Baja so the other elders and the sister missionaries are going to baptize all the people we found, because both Elder Suero and I are being pulled out of Vega Baja.

Elder Suero is going to San Juan as a Zone Leader and I'm being sent to Caguas as the District Leader there. But they're not sending other elders to Vega Baja, there will only be one companionship of elders here from now on.

Saturday was a super cool day because Waldemar (investigator) took us out to lunch and we ate Cuajo which is the stomach or the stomach lining of a pig. I think that's what it is but I'm not positive. It was so good. The members and investigators gave us so much food over the past 3 days, hahaha, it was great. It's been really cool to see how strong the relationships are that we have with some of the members. I'm gonna miss Vega Baja a ton.

That was basically it this week, contacted a ton so that we could leave Vega Baja with a lot of seeds planted.

I know that the Lord works miracles in our lives when we have the faith. These 2 families are true miracles and will be extremely strong in the church when they get baptized. This is the true church of Christ, the only one. He founded one church, and this is it. I know that with all my heart. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet and that the Book of Mormon is true. The gospel is truly amazing and blesses lives.

Love you all, and next week I'll be writing from Caguas!

Elder Nelson

So I think recently some letters have gotten lost in the mail and I have no idea what the address is in Caguas, so from now on if you have anything to send to me, the mission address is the most reliable and I think I'll just use that now.

Elder Zack Nelson
Urb. Jardines de Caparra
#500 Calle Marginal Norte
Bayamon, Puerto Rico  

The miracle family that we found this week that's super prepared! Jorge is the dad, Elizabeth is the mom, Julitza is 18, I don't remember the little girl's name but she's really cool, and Chris Michael is 4. Super cool!
 Devon (my greengo pal) and I

 Jose Torres (son of Hermano Torres)

 Me and Hermana Stevens who goes home to Utah this week

 con Suero

Itzel didn't want to cooperate with me because I made him stop playing in order to take pictures. He'll be grateful one day haha

 Me and Waldemar

con Waldemar (dad), Milagros (mom), Iraimi, and Itzel. Just missing Mia. Waldemar and Itzel are the investigators and will be baptized soon!

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