Monday, April 25, 2016

Welcome to Caguas!

So this week was super loco!

Tuesday was transfers and as always it's a mess because everybody has more stuff than we can fit in the cars. So it was crazy. I got to Caguas at like 2pm and we went right out with Elder Noble who finished his mission. A recent convert took us out to get like milkshake things and then we went and talked to a few other people so that he could say goodbye to his investigators before he went home to the DR. I was super lost because Caguas is huge and Elder Paniagua (my comp) walks extremely fast and I have a hard time keeping up with him. Maybe I was just really accustomed to Elder Suero, hahaha.

The rest of the week was spent pretty normally, went around to all of the investigators so that I could get to know them and all that. The recent convert that took us out to milkshakes is super cool and has one of the strongest testimonies I've ever heard from a convert. It's really amazing.

Okay but the most interesting part of my week was Friday, I had an exchange with a Zone Leader because I'm a new District Leader and they have to train me and all that good stuff. So I went to Aguas Buenas, which let me tell ya is all hills and a lot of agua. I was not prepared for that day. We got up and did some P90X workout video which wore me out (remember this is at 6:30am) and then we went out to work and ended up walking up and down hills all day. ALL DAY in the rain. It was one of the most mentally stressful things I've ever done.

But the next day was the worst. My body was super sore and we went out to work and I just couldn't take it. And since Paniagua walks super fast that didn't help at all. But we worked and ended up walking a ton because nobody was home. This day also kinda stunk.

That's really the week right there. I'm pretty stressed out because the district has a bunch of small problems that we have to work out, we need to be better about finding new investigators and setting baptismal dates and having lessons with members. All things that will come, we just have to find the way to work through it.

But Caguas is super cool and the ward is really awesome. There a ton of members here and they love to help us. And Caguas baptizes a ton so hopefully we can baptize in the ward like every week. It's definitely possible here!

Love you all! I know this is the work of the Lord and that He is helping us in every step.

Elder Nelson

 Elder Moran and Elder Bogges with me and Suero before leaving Vega Baja (April 19, 2016)

Me and Elder Suero with Suero's Oregon hat that I forced him to wear all day on Tuesday, hahaha

Elder Paniagua "killing" Elder Noble, because he went home that day so he "died" in mission terms

Elder Ruiz and I after our torture, I mean exchange in Aguas Buenas

me in front of a fountain in Caguas

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