Monday, May 2, 2016

Keep moving forward!

Hey peeps so I've been out for 10 months now that's like the big news.

This week was good, we worked really hard to get people in the church on Sunday but things didn't exactly pan out as we had planned. But, that's the mission and I learned from it and we'll do better this week!

So Tuesday I had to direct my first district meeting which I was kinda nervous for because I hadn't ever directed a meeting before in the mission. Like it's only ten people but ya know ya still want to do your best. I just didn't know if what I had planned was my best. But it went well and my prayers were definitely answered. Everyone participated and it was all really good and I think we all learned a lot from the meeting. And then the Sisters brought snacks for after the meeting but brought croutons. So we all ate croutons after the meeting hahahahha it was weird but we all enjoyed it and my first district meeting was a success!

We contacted a lot but didn't find a lot of people. We did find a pastor of his own church and so that was a fun lesson, but his family is cool. We tried to visit all 5 of our investigators that have baptismal dates as much as we could, but things seemed to be hard with them this week, we weren't able to contact them as much as we wanted. And then they ended up not being able to come to church. But we learned.

We had a huge ward activity on Friday and I ate a ton and it was awesome.

I don't have anymore time because we need to go grocery shopping, but I love you all and keep moving forward!

Elder Nelson

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