Monday, May 16, 2016

What do you do in Puerto Rico if the police don't show up?

Hey guys!

So this week was interesting, it wasn't our best week as far as numbers go, but we did work hard so that's what counts.

Um so I'll start with the funny part of the week. Sunday night we came home after working and all that to find a homeless man sleeping in front of our house. So we told him "hey, when you're done can you clean up the cardboard and all your food wrappers?" and he said yeah. So okay everything's good. Then Monday we get up to go run, and the guy left all the cardboard and garbage. Okay. No problem. Then Thursday night, he had been sleeping there all week. We got a text from the landlord saying "the homeless guy is doing drugs in front of your house. Call the police please". So I was like ummmm okay. I called President Boucher and he said that I should follow his directions. So I called the police at like 9pm Thursday night and they said that they were on the way and everything. Then I went about doing my business, making phone calls and all that. At 10:30 they hadn't shown up so I texted President "what do you do in Puerto Rico if the police don't show up?" and he said "go to bed" so I was like welp alright. The police just never showed up and the guy continues to sleep leaned up against our house! Hahaha

This week we had 5 people lined up to come to church with rides and everything. Then Sunday rolled around and only Pedro came. So hopefully we can get him to be baptized the 28th, all the other people that have baptismal dates will have to be changed or dropped if we can't get them to commit. It sucks when people commit and don't follow through. But such is life.

We had a really cool zone conference on Wednesday and I learned a ton. And we made it a goal to put everything we learned, into practice. And we did and it was really cool how it changed our lessons! It's easy to do with new people that we're teaching but I found that it's a ton harder to implement something new when you're teaching someone that you have like a month teaching. Interesting how the mission is.

But yeah that's basically the week. We had a cool lesson with Pedro the other day. He likes to talk A LOT and it makes it hard to teach him. But we watched the Restoration video with him and it was super cool, it always is cool to watch that video. So simple but you can feel the spirit super strong. Just confirmed my testimony again of the truthfulness of the gospel.

But yeah this week wasn't super interesting. But man time is flying! Almost a year already!

Love you all!


These are our greengo friends Bryce and Chelsea (I think their last name is Hoer or something like that) They're from Utah and he's here studying medicine

us with Hno Enrique Vasquez and Benny Vasquez (we call Enrique "abuelo", he's the ward mission leader)

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