Monday, May 23, 2016

Preparing Pedro for baptism!

I think I say it like every week but time is literally flying....

This week went by so fast I can't even keep up with myself. It was kinda a hard week, really focused on getting people to come to church so our balance was a little off. We focused so much on that, that we didn't find many new investigators. So the balance is what we have to work on but man the transfer is almost over already!

The highlight of the week is that our investigator Pedro will be baptized this coming Saturday! I had some doubts about his commitment but this week he seemed to change and really showed his desire to change and be baptized! So we've been going hard teaching everything he needs and helping him to prepare for baptism. It was fun to teach the word of wisdom because we got to dump out all his beer and coffee and he was like "welp it's gone now so I can't drink it anymore" and we started yelling and shouting super happy stuff because he's super committed. So yeah he'll get baptized.

It's just a constant battle to get people to come to church!! We could have all 7 people committed to come to church and I bet you one would come. You have to be super tricky to get people to come to church in Puerto Rico. Like in Alma 18 it says something like how Ammon committed the King to believe in his words because he was a super good servant and would answer all his questions and stuff. Idk if I explained that well but the reference makes sense in my head.

On Friday the ward had an activity for the mothers and it was super fun and funny. Some of the guys sang love songs in Spanish and it's not like they're professional singers... Then at the end they did like a human puppet act and it was just a really cool night and super fun to serve the moms and talk with everybody.

But that's about it for the week. We're working super hard but man the transfer is almost over, next week we'll find out what happens with transfers and if there will be any changes!

Love you all! Be good ;)

Elder Nelson

My district

funny because Hermana Toribio is so short that you can't see her behind my head, hahaha

 Me and Elder Paniagua with the Zone Leaders (Elder Hanna and Elder Ruiz)

Pedro was somewhat confused by all the yelling and pictures as he dumped out his coffee, hahahaah

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