Monday, May 9, 2016

Happy Late Mother's Day

Thanks to all of the mothers out there that make the mission easier for me and their missionaries! You guys rock, keep being cool, we love you.

This week was super cool but felt extremely fast. I have no idea where to start soooo this week we ended up contacting in the neighborhood where the sister missionaries live. Every elder thinks of this as restricted territory but we went in and said a prayer, like a really strong earnest prayer to find people to teach. After the prayer we both turned our heads and saw an open door. We contacted them and they said that the sisters always walk by but have never stopped to talk to them about the church. LIKE WOW #blessing. So we talked with them and they asked really cool questions and are super awesome. Then we continued contacting. Contacted a house and out came a mom and her 3 year old daughter. Her husband is a less active and she's willing to have us back by the house. So we have an appointment with them. Miracle number 2. The 3rd miracle in this area came when we found a reference that was given to us like 2 weeks before. Super cool older couple that are super prepared.

We have an investigator named Pedro. Pedro likes to talk. A lot. He has a super strong desire to be baptized and he comes to church and all the activities but the guy talks sooooo much. We visited him 3 or 4 times this last week and barely finished the first lesson! He just doesn't let us teach hahaha. But if the guy has desire then ya gotta baptize him!

The biggest challenge we have is getting our investigators to church. Basically none of them have cars and they're all older, mostly. Except for the people we found this week. Honestly finding this week was better than ever. On a different day we found a super cool super young family. And we went in and talked about the family and the Proclamation to the Family and they loved it. The mom and dad were super into it and yeah they'll probs be baptized soon.

Saturday we found another couple who are medio-loco but we'll see what happens with them. They're weird but she has good questions. Finding was just amazing this week.

This week we also had a meeting for recent converts and less active members with Elder Hugo Martinez from the area 70 of the Caribe. It was really cool, he shared his entire conversion story and he's really funny so it was super cool. Then on Friday I got to go to a District Leader meeting in San Juan with Elder Martinez and it was super cool, I learned so much. But somebody messed up and told us the meeting was at 12, it was at 2:30 so we got there 3 hours early. And then I had a baptismal interview to do for an investigator of the sister missionaries that night and we got back to Caguas at 7 and we couldn't find the house and then we found it and the guy was asleep so we were screaming in the street to wake him up but then it all went well and he got baptized on Saturday!

And skyping with the fam was super cool. As always. They're nuts but cool and it was a super cool week. Things are great here in Caguas and I'm stoked to continue working here and sooooooon we'll be baptizing!

Love you all!


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