Monday, April 11, 2016

I'm pooped!

This week was nuts and full of ups and downs and not sleeping well but all in all we had a lot of success!

Monday was amaaaaazing. We went to the Indian Caves in Arecibo for the Zone Activity and it was super duper cool. We got to wear regular clothes for once which was maybe one of the best parts of the day, hahahaha, but the view was super cool. I think the view was cooler than the cave. Makes me really want to see the other cave in Arecibo someday. It looks even cooler from what I've seen.

Wednesday I had an exchange with Elder Reyes which was actually really cool. We ended up contacting a ton but this day really built my testimony of good planning. We planned and talked about the things that we wanted to improve on during the exchange. Then we worked on those things obviously forgetting to do them constantly, and we saw the results of our efforts! It was cool because we talked about contacting with more faith. And the first house we contacted, they let us in to share our message. Then we walked a little more and Elder Reyes began to yell in front of the house like you have to do to contact in Puerto Rico and the lady just said "come in come in come in" and we just stood there surprised because that doesn't happen. Her and her family didn't want much though hahaha but maybe there's a miracle waiting!

The miracle that was so amazing this week is in the family of Waldemar and Milagros. Which is ironic because Milagros means miracle in Spanish. But yeah, Milagros is the mom and she got baptized when she was 13 or something and is now inactive. The 2 daughters are also inactive. 2 weeks ago Waldemar came to church with the kids and now we've been teaching them and each lesson is amazing! Waldemar has a gift that I've never seen before. Actually the whole family. Reyes and I taught them on Wednesday and Waldemar was crying and the kids ask questions that are so deep and ahhhh this family is amazing. Then we went back Friday and Waldemar cried again just watching a short video about the Restoration! Then Sunday night Milagros cried while she was testifying to Waldemar about eternal families. They're perfect. This family is so ready.

Friday we went out to contact like normal but we ended up walking the hour and a half to get to the area because we couldn't find a ride. While walking it began to rain very hard. And it didn't stop. So we kept walking. Then we got there and it was still raining. So we were already wet and began to contact. ONLY ONE PERSON TALKED WITH US. And all the crazy lady said was "hey you guys should get out of the rain you're gonna get wet". Hahahahaa thanks lady. She wouldn't even let us stand on her porch to get out of the rain. Just full of advice this lady!

So Saturday I had an exchange with Elder Moran (Zone Leader) in Vega Baja and we went out and contacted but I woke up feeling sick. But when we got out contacting it all went away and we found lots of cool people that have potential to be taught. It was a really cool day.

That's basically it. Not much new, just lots of pics and rain and exchanges and learning and contacting and all that fun stuff.

But seriously this week made me a better missionary. I think that's what I really got out of this last week. And a nice tan, haha. But I know that the Lord has His hand in everything, EVERYTHING we do even if we don't know it.
Love you all!

Elder Nelson

Transfers are next week so if you have anything to send me, send it today or tomorrow so that it gets here before I leave (if I leave). If not just wait until after transfers and I'll get you all my new address!

Zone activity! (April 4, 2016)

 da view

 Vega Baja district, best district in Puerto Rico
 With my companion, Elder Suero

Also I lost a bet with Elder Reyes so I had to wear these fake glasses all day and lemme tell ya they drove me crazy

 an awkward pic with Elder Boggess
 Elder Moran and the flag of the great and mighty Puerto Rico

Suero, Moran and me

Wow que pinta

 me and Elder Higgins 

 Gordito after all the rain hahaha (Elder Suero)

 This is Vigo

 me and Hermano Laureano

 District photos otra vez

This pic after the exchange with Moran turned out really awkward but yeah this was after the exchange

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