Monday, January 11, 2016

Prayers are answered

This week was long. We set really high goals for the district in Vega Baja and have had to work really hard to achieve them. Although we didn't exactly reach the goals, we worked really hard and are seeing the fruits.

This last week we really sat down and thought about  all our investigators and ended up dropping a lot of them because they don't show interest and aren't allowing us to help them progress in the gospel. It's sad, but there are always people out there who are prepared to hear the gospel, and we can't lose time trying to teach people who aren't going to progress. So we're kinda back to square one, finding. We spent 3 days in the sun for like 4 hours each day, contacting and trying to find people. But it's ridiculous how many people will reject 2 teenagers talking about Jesus Christ!

So that part of the week was kinda disheartening but I have a lot of confidence in our work and I know the Lord will put people in our path to teach and baptize. We just have to put in all our effort.

This week we had really cool ward activity where we taught the Plan of Salvation and then did some activities and had a lot of fun. Our goal now is to really get the ward involved in the missionary work. Because the missionary work is not just for the missionaries! That's one of the problems a lot of people have, thinking that the missionaries can and should do everything!

One of the days we were contacting and we had been out for 4 hours with literally no success. I WAS RED AS A LOBSTER. And we found a miracle. We had been praying for a family to teach, and the very last house we contacted, we found a family that appears to have interest. Prayers do receive answers!

Oh other milagro: we went and taught Michelle this week, and last minute we got Hermano Torres to go with us. And he's the coolest, he was pumped because we told him we were going to teach Michelle the Law of Chastity. So we got there, and he taught the entire lesson! He had the perfect stories and everything and it was such a good lesson. He made her cry and I know that she now knows what she needs to do to change her life! It was super cool.

Sunday night we went over to Hermano Torres's house and ate dinner with them and Suero made him laugh so hard he had to go take a pill, hahahahahahahha he's nuts.

But yeah that was the week. Crazy that I'm almost to my first birthday in the mission. I don't feel 19 at all. Like the mission hit pause, I don't feel like I'm growing but idk.

Anyways, that's about it! I love you all and hope that everything is going well at home for each and every one of you!

Elder Nelson

Elder Nelson

Elder Nelson and Elder Suero

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