Monday, January 18, 2016

Spirit fills the gaps

Hey guys!

This week was super long. Really long because tons of our appointments fell through. Like always. We contacted a ton because a lot of the people we thought would have potential have really fallen flat and let us down. But it was rough because we contacted pretty far away from the house and this whole area is full of Pentecostal people, so we really didn't find many people that will have potential.

Our investigator Michelle is having a really rough time with the trials in her life. We've told her lots of times that now that she has a baptismal date, Satan is going to work even harder to get her to fall away from this date and the things she has come to know are true. So this week her kids have been fighting (like really fighting) and she's been really sick in the hospital with migraines and stuff. So we only got to meet with her on Saturday because of all the things that have been going on in her life. And she was just crying and seemed to be giving up on herself. Luckily we brought a member with us and he was able to talk her down and really helped her to understand why she has so many trials in her life right now.  It was seriously a really spiritual lesson even though we didn't actually teach anything that we had planned. The spirit definitely guided that lesson. At the end, we had gone over the time she gave us by like 30 minutes, I was able to give Michelle a priesthood blessing so that she would feel better. And my Spanish sucked. Like it's a whole different form of talking when you give a blessing. So I did it and I think everyone could understand the things I said, but it was rough.  All I know, is that I could feel the spirit.

So the next day Michelle came to church, which surprised me because she was so sick. But she told me that she felt better and wasn't stressed out, and didn't have her headache anymore! I know that Heavenly Father completed that blessing, no matter how badly it was spoken. He answers our prayers and knows our intentions and is always there to fill in where we lack. Honestly the mission is the best example of that. We as missionaries lack in so many things, but the spirit will always fill in what the people need.

Also a little tempo change here- the nutty guy that trapped us in his house to paint it, HE FOUND US AGAIN. He calls like every other day and we ignore it because he doesn't understand that we're missionaries and not for hire to paint his house. HE FOUND US IN A LIBRARY ON PDAY AND SAID "HEY NELSON, WHEN DO YOU THINK YOU CAN COME PAINT AGAIN?" Ha, I was like no way Jose and it's funny because his name is Jose. I think. At least that's what he told me but Suero doesn't trust that that is his real name.

Ummmmm what else happened.... Sunday night we had a ward fireside and a guy from Cayey (which is in the middle of the island basically) came and talked to us and he's super cool and funny. It was a super cool night with him. Hermano Zayas is the seminary coordinator for all of the Caribbean islands. Super cool guy.

Um, but yeah that's about it. I turn 19 in like a week and a half so that's cool.

Love you all!
Elder Nelson

(transfers coming up so don't mail anything to the house address until you hear from me)

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