Monday, January 25, 2016

Staying in Vega Baja

Hey guys! I almost have 7 months in the mission already. It feels like yesterday we were celebrating Christmas and now check it out like a month later time freaks me out.

But this week was good! It was hard because Elder Suero is sick again. I think I told his story in one of my updates but long story short in his last area he was sick. So he went to the doctor and they did a little operation on him and they thought that would solve the problem. So he came to Vega Baja with me and we had a lot of success but then in the last 2 weeks or so he's been feeling sick again. Sooooo, it's been really hard to work because he's in pain. So that's what really happened this last week. Spent a lot of time in the house because he's uncomfortable and all that.

And we found out transfers last night, and I'm staying in Vega Baja with Elder Suero another transfer. 3 transfers together hahaha we'll see if we make it out of the next 42 days. This transfer will be interesting because we have to go to a ton of doctor's appointments and stuff and so it kinda worries me for how much work we can get done. But I'm sure there was a reason for keeping us together this long. Together we're going to baptize Michelle and we have another baptismal date for the 13th of February for a guy named Freddy. So we have work to do but the situation is kinda weird for working consistently. We'll see.

This weekend was kinda funny because we had Stake Conference and like all the talks in the Saturday night session were about marriage! Like I know they're inspired to talk about certain topics but the congregation was basically all missionaries. We made up like 1/3 of the people that came to that session of conference! So talking about marriage and all the Sister missionaries were taking notes like they were going be tested on it afterwards, especially the sisters that are going home soon. Obviously some people learned from the talks.

Sunday was super funny because we went back to Toa Baja for the Sunday session and remember Marcelino? He got baptized about a month ago. Well he came to conference but stayed outside of the church the entire time. Apparently somebody told him to guard the doors so that nobody bad would come in, and that's what he did for the entire 2 hour conference!!!! He stood in front of the doors and guarded the church hahahahahahaha! I died when I heard that. He's a hoot and a half for sure.

Michelle is doing well, pushing through all the trials in her life. This week, to add to her list of trials, her father in law died. So she had to cancel all of our appointments and work on the funeral and stuff. Like what the heck idk how she can handle all of this stress, but she's showing a TON of faith to continue onward and set another baptismal date for the 27th of February. But on the bright side, her husband is really willing to cooperate with us to get married to her so that she can get baptized!

Ummm, but yeah not much else is happening here. Elder Suero is going to be the district leader this transfer and Elder Morales will have a new comp from Brazil. I think he's got about the same amount of time in the mission that I have.

That's about it I think. I love you all and hope things are good at home!

Elder Nelson

Our district after Stake Conference on Sunday. Me, Suero, Morales (the short one), Amaro, Hermana Stevens, and Hermana Lopez

Me and Suero with a family from the ward that always gives us food

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