Monday, July 11, 2016

Faith tested.

This week seriously tested my faith! It was such a rough week. All our investigators have fallen through, we have no baptismal dates, and we had no idea what to do. It was so rough.

Monday we had a really fun district activity, since it was the 4th of July we had a big BBQ thing and the sisters planned some cool games for us!

But the week itself was really hard. It started good with a few lessons with members... but as we went through the week our investigators just started to fall through. They dropped us or we dropped them, it was just a mess. And then when you drop investigators you have to find new ones. But in all the attempts we made to find new investigators, nobody wanted to listen to our message. Really. We spent 2 days in an area working there with appointments and less active members. But literally everything fell through. And when we just went to contact, all we found were people that were very mean to us! It was just a week full of experiences that I'm not used to having here in Caguas where I guess we've just always had success!

One guy shut his garage door on us as we were talking to him
One lady yelled at us from the second floor that she has Christ in her heart and doesn't need us
One lady told us we need to repent
One guy was really happy and then found out that we're Mormons...
The best was one guy who said that he's Pentecostal but then he said "if there's one true church on the earth, it's the 7th Day Adventists!" and I thought to myself, well then why are you Pentecostal if you believe that?

So, it was rough. I've thought a ton about what happened this week and in talking with the other elders, it's come down to really being here to do the Lord's work. We can't get selfish and we really just have to rely on prayer to direct our plans and guide us in the work. So we'll see how we put that into practice this week.

I love the mission still, it doesn't get any better nor any more rewarding!!

Love you all!!

Elder Nelson

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