Monday, July 25, 2016

His way

Well this week was cool. Nothing really special happened other than spending a day in like the drug point central of Caguas. That was exciting but the guys that were selling were awfully nice to us, hahahaha. But really I learned a ton from this week.

So the first part of the week was really slow. We went to some areas that didn't give any fruit. We worked and worked and contacted and contacted but these areas that we visited didn't want to help us out with the missionary work. And Wednesday really rained on my parade. The family that I talked about last week that came to church even just after one invitation and everything dropped us. We went to their house after they wouldn't answer our phone calls and we found the house and the two little boys were super cool with us and everything but then we told them to go and get their dad, and then nobody came out. Then he sends us a text, "I don't want to offend anyone or your religion, but I'm just not ready. I'll call you when I feel ready" and I was like devastated hahaha. I just had no idea what was going on or why he didn't feel ready even though the family loved the church. But, we know that the Lord is preparing all people at their own speeds, some faster than others and sometimes there will be stumbling blocks.

But on the bright side we found a guy named Robert this week who's super cool! He came church the first time we invited him, the only problem is that he doesn't have a car. It's like all the people I talk to that have interest in the church don't have cars!! But anyway, he loved church. He told me that he could feel it and it was all really cool. We feel like he could be baptized really soon so we're going to see if we can get him a date for the 6th of August. Hopefully he truly is one of those prepared to make this covenant!

Ummmm other news this week, I had a really cool exchange with Elder Fox on Friday, I learned a ton as we went through the day working to get better as missionaries. I realized that I have a lot to learn and improve in order to truly be the best tool in His hands.

It's really crazy how fast the mission feels like it's going. It gets faster and faster every day. I just want to make the most of every minute but it's so hard! But I guess that's the struggle as a missionary. This week we're really focusing on setting baptismal dates. We found some cool people and we're just going to lovingly throw baptism at them and see how they respond, because if they're ready, they're ready!

I've just really learned this week that this is His work and we need to do it His way. There's no other way to truly have success in the mission. But that's the never ending task, is learning to do things His way!

Love you all!

P.S. I'm slacking on pics but I'll get on it

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