Monday, August 1, 2016

Loving the work!

So this week was cool! It didn't seem to be the most astounding week or anything but we did put into practice a lot of the things we have been studying for and talking about doing.

We're working with a man named Robert to get baptized this Saturday, and his story is pretty cool. We found him one night in the plaza contacting and then we passed by his house the other day and he received the message really well. So we set a date right there for the 6th, which has made things a little stressful because it's only like 2 weeks of preparation. But he's totally in on it! He loves coming to church and came to a baptismal service on Saturday and loved it too. So he's progressing really well, we'll see if he'll be ready for the 6th!

Also our convert Hector from like a month ago is doing super well. We're teaching his neighbor/friend and he helps us out in the lessons. It was really cool because in the lesson Hector said "if you like the church and learn a lot, you can get baptized too, just like me!" Obviously it didn't sound so little kiddish but that was the essence of what he said. Already a great missionary!! And he comes to church and loves it, reads and participates in the lessons and stuff. It's just really cool to see his progression!

This week I had the really awesome experience of interviewing a man named Marcos to be baptized. I got to teach him one day in an exchange with Elder Fox. He's such a cool guy, probably about 70 years old. He has embraced the gospel. His interview was one of the most spiritual experiences I've been able to have in a while. At first like 3 weeks ago he didn't want to get baptized, but now he loves the church and he and his wife Elba have really just loved the gospel and it has changed their lives. He just kept telling me that he needed to be baptized. Needed to do it. He really felt the answer to his prayer.

Also I got to see Elder Suero this week! He came down to Caguas with President Boucher to go to the doctor (again). And they came and saw us and President bought us ice cream. President and I just love making jokes about Suero's constant need to be in the doctor's office, hahahahaaha!

It's been super hot here and apparently there's supposed to be a tropical storm here but it just kinda rained hard for like 2 hours and now it's hot and sunny.

Anyway, I love this work. I love this gospel. I know it's true. If it wasn't, I would not be here. It is inspired and guided by His hand. I can see it every day.

Love you all!

This is Elba and Marcos. They're recent converts of the other elders but they're just so cool and you just have a special connection with them right when you meet them. They just love the gospel!

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