Monday, August 15, 2016

Diantre Loco (today and last week's letter)


What a wild week. It was soooo good but kinda disappointing at the same time. We had some really cool experiences but all together the sad part is that the people that we had planned to be baptizing on the 20th have all fallen through. Here's a list:

Facundo: talked with his pastor and he said that he can't be talking with other churches.
Jorge: cool story I'll share here shortly but he didn't come to church so he can't be baptized
Robert: I told that story last week but he's kinda crazy and we had to drop him

But the week was cool. We had a really awesome Zone Conference on Tuesday and heard some awesome talks. Sister Boucher knocked it out of the park with a talk about the Restoration. She just explained it so well. The APs gave some really cool talks and advice to the missionaries, and then President came in and just laid it out and man I always leave those meetings feeling so pumped to do the work! It was especially cool because after the meeting we had to go work and we didn't have any appointments. So we put into practice what they taught and we went out to contact and ended up finding 2 families and a really cool 19 year old guy! And then we went back and we were able to share that experience with President and the other leaders in the church that night. It's just amazing the revelation that we can receive for His work.

Another cool experience was when we went out and found a cool 24 year old guy, he's Jorge that I mentioned above. We found him and he invited us back on Friday. So we went and we had a really cool lesson. We extended the baptismal date to him for the 3rd of September, but then I just felt that he was ready. So we set it for the 20th. That's like 9 days of preparation to be baptized. He was all for it. But, you have to come to church before you can be baptized. And he didn't come yesterday because he had to deal with a little emergency that his girlfriend had. So he can't be baptized on the 20th either. Bummer. But, we'll see, he'll get baptized soon.

Other experience: we had been teaching a couple that're like 50 or so but then we dropped them because they didn't progress. But then Saturday we felt that we had to call them. So we did and we went to see them and we had a really cool lesson with a member and they committed to come to church next week. That's a miracle too. 

Just lots of cool small things that stick out and make you realize that this is His work and He's helping us in every bit of it. 

I can't really remember what else happened. I think that's about it. 

Next week we'll know the changes, probably I'll be leaving Caguas!

Love you all!

Zone Conference fun with Elder McClure

more Zone Conference fun with Elder Henriod

Artsy pic of mi hijo

August 8, 2016
WELL what a week it was...

This week was full of ups and downs literally and figuratively. It was fun and I learned a lot but it was mentally stressful!

So we had a guy named Robert who had a baptismal date for the 6th, but then we found out that he's kinda crazy and really wasn't ever interested in the gospel. His loss. He never really wanted to commit to anything, just kinda went along with it. So, we dropped him. Bummer but there's more fish in the sea. Can't get too beat up over somebody that didn't want what we had to offer. Hopefully someday he comes around!

Friday, we had a really cool meeting for the District Leaders where President literally spoke to my needs like WOW he hit it right on the head. Gave me the info that I need! It was super spiritual and I learned a ton about how to really work and find and stuff, all through Faith. If we really understand that we are here on the Lord's errand and that we are entitled to His help, we will be able to achieve what He knows we can. The hard part is just putting it into practice. Because as a missionary everyone basically understands that we're here on the Lord's errand and that we can have His help but when we really get around to REALLY understanding it and putting it into our lives, we can achieve so much more than we get right now. It's just a matter of finding the way to change and be better and put that knowledge into our lives. And it goes for us as regular members too, or even normal people outside the church. We're here on earth to return back to Him and if we truly understand the divinity of who we are, and the help we're ENTITLED to, we can do so much more in our lives. We just need to understand where we truly come from and who we really are and then we can see the power that He can give to us in our lives. Then it becomes a matter of working on it.

President along with that, assigned a few scriptures, Moroni 7: 27-30, and 33. These verses talk about miracles and how even though Christ is not on the earth right now, the miracles continue to come to pass. But, they only come to pass according to our FAITH. Faith leads to action and then to the miracles. Idk, just some thoughts that I've had, lots of time spent thinking about these things and how to apply them to myself!

The week for us was cool but rough, we went up some unnecessary hills and then ended up not seeing the success that we wanted but now we have a basically clean slate and we're going to work hard to be able to see the results that the Lord has prepared for us to achieve in the next few weeks. Just comes down to dedication and desire I think. It's hard but worth it, and we're entitled to His help!

Anyways, Elder Colon and I get along super well, we're always laughing and having fun and enjoying the work. He definitely helps me to keep my attitude up!

Just think about the things that President Boucher talked about. As His children, in His plan, we are entitled to His help. If we feel lost or abandoned or anything like that, we have that promise. We are entitled to His divine help. That promise will always be present in our lives and I know that is true. Miracles have not ceased and I know that the chapter 7 of Moroni is true. Miracles have not ceased, but if we have ceased to see them in our lives, it is because we lack something. What more can we do? What do I lack? He will help us. This is His true church, the only one. He leads it and wants the best for us, as does His father. Do we have the faith?

Love you all!
Elder Nelson

 Me and Elder Ourth after the District Leader meeting

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