Monday, August 29, 2016

Hato Rey week one

Well, Hato Rey is the city of the city here in Puerto Rico. It's literally the heart of San Juan. Everything cool about San Juan is in our area. So that's pretty cool. We have Plaza Las Americas which is the biggest mall in Puerto Rico, and it's ridiculously big. And the Old San Juan with the castle thing and all that is in our area. So that's cool. But it's a SUPER fast life here. People will very rarely stop to really talk with you on the street. And I got here and there was like no investigators. So we're contacting a TON.

One of the coolest experiences form this week was probably a lesson we taught on Sunday, to a guy who's like 48 and is totally accepting our message. His name is Juan and he's Dominican and lives in what is really known as the Dominican area of San Juan. He's super cool and really excited to learn more about the gospel. He even like invited himself to church on Sunday! So we'll see what happens, if he's really going to want to progress, but for him we're praying a ton!

We also set a baptismal date with a contact in the first visit. She's a really cool lady named Johanna and she wants to go back to a church and have the blessing of a true baptism in her life. It was a really cool lesson with her and I think it was completely guided by the spirit. But we'll see, if her husband keeps not showing a lot of interest in the gospel then we'll have to pass her off to the sisters here in Hato Rey.

Really that's what happened this week, not much to talk about because it was just a ton of contacting. My comp is Elder Munoz. He's from Mexico and has only 6 weeks here in Puerto Rico, so his Spanish is still really Mexican-ish if that makes sense. He served 7 months in Mexico while waiting for his Visa so he's not a greenie but he is newer here in Puerto Rico. But he's cool, the house is just a party with him and Suero and Elder Orr. Of course we get stuff done and we work like crazy but it's fun to be with them.

Worst part of the week was getting to the Hato Rey house and there was no food for a whole week. Hopefully today we can solve that hahahaha

I think that's about it. My life now has just turned into trying to learn the area, get a hang on the city and stuff and contact my butt off!

But the work is good and I love it still, no matter what the circumstances are. Because the work is needed everywhere!!

Love you all!


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