Monday, September 5, 2016

Lots of contacting

Hey everybody!

So this week was pretty good. Still a lot of contacting because there was really nothing here when I got to the area. So we're working hard to find the people that are really prepared to hear the gospel. And this last week we did find some cool people, so hopefully they'll progress this week!

There wasn't anything really special that happened this week I don't think. This week I did do an exchange with Pontezuela, which is part of my district that seems to struggle a lot to find people to teach and don't baptize much. So it was a cool exchange to be able to work there and help them to find more people to add to their teaching pool. I think one of the coolest parts was during the weekly calls I have to do on Sunday nights, I called them and they said that a guy named Angel that we visited on the exchange who's been investigating the church for 3 years got up on Sunday at church and bore his testimony and said that he thinks he's going to get baptized soon. It was a really cool experience with him because he expressed his needs and then we talked about a solution after the exchange and then the elders there went and did it. And it showed immediate results! It's really cool how things like that work. He's a super cool guy and loves the church but just needed that little push. And so it was cool to be a part of the solution there.

We're teaching a guy named Juan here and he wants to be baptized and everything and he's super cool but he's going to be in the DR for like 3 weeks so it kinda throws off the whole goal to baptize him quickly. Although we'll see what happens.

San Juan is cool, it's got some really funky people and some really cool places to visit. Today we were able to go to El Moro which is a big castle thing on the coast of San Juan. It started to pour on us so that made it interesting. I have tons of pics but they don't let us connect things to the computers here sooooo I'll send them sometime soon.

We had a super duper cool conference with the new President of the Area of the Caribe. And he was super cool and really funny. But had some really good points about missionaries. I don't have my notes with me but he said something like "the missionaries are the key to the salvation of the people here in Puerto Rico. No matter how bad they want to be baptized, they can't do it without the missionaries". I liked that, and it gave me a lot of desire and energy to continue working.

I know that this work is the Lord's work. He guides us and works with us here in Puerto Rico and with every member in every place in the world. I love this work and wouldn't change it for the world. The gospel is the greatest blessing we have in this life. It's true.

Love you all!

John and Tracy Melville visiting from Utah, he's a YSA Ward bishop and they were really cool. They just said "hey let's take a picture and send it to your mom!" So we did. In this ward there's always greengos visiting. 

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