Monday, September 19, 2016

following His example

Sooo this week was a lot better! We actually had a really cool week, and I think we had a week that seemed to be helpful to everyone in the district!

One super cool part of the week was one day I had mentioned to the sisters in the district that we were going to try and find references for them. So then we went out that day and began to work and the first person we talked to was a woman. But as we taught her on her porch a little about us and the Restoration, she accepted a baptismal date! And then as went continued throughout the day we continued contacting and found another super humble woman who was super duper receptive to the message. So we invited her to be baptized, and she accepted also! It's really cool when you can see the Lord working through others or even yourself and your companion to be able to help other people. We're super excited to be able to pass these ladies off to the sisters so that they can teach them. We see small miracles every day! I think that was huge this week. The sisters then trusted us with a 12 year old boy of a part member family that they've been teaching, but think that we can help him even more. So this week we really kinda discovered how to work together as a district and help each other to achieve our goals!

We also have a super cool family that we're teaching, a family of 3. It's funny because while I was outside of Hato Rey on an exchange, Elder Munoz went with Elder Lopez to visit the family and Elder Lopez is awesome. They taught more about baptism because they already have a baptismal date for the 9th. So as they were teaching, (and I'm quoting because I wasn't there) Elder Lopez says “hermana, I'm going to be really direct with you. Your baptism isn't valid” and she understood perfectly and didn't argue it!! Really showed me how when you're really humble and full of the spirit like Elder Lopez is, you can have a huge impact on the people you teach. He definitely helped this family to understand the meaning of baptism.

Other super cool moment was on Sunday. The Zone Leaders have been teaching a 13 year old buy named Rafael for about 2 months and he was baptized on Sunday. The baptism was really cool, but super spiritual at the end because he bore his testimony of the gospel and just broke out in tears and the spirit just hit me super hard. He just cried and cried and just about everybody in the room broke out in tears. Baptisms are the best!

Today we had a really cool district activity playing soccer and shooting hoops in the sun. The elders from Pontezuela cooked food and brought it and surprised everybody because it actually tasted good, hahahaha, I don't think anybody really expected that.

I think that's about it! Really focusing on the simplicity of the gospel is changing things for us. Now we teach around baptism. Christ always taught the Atonement and then baptism. So, following His example, we're now working to do the same. And it shows. I love the gospel and I know that this is the true church of Jesus Christ. It has been restored through Joseph Smith. He was a true prophet. This is the Lord's work. He guides us and works through us. I love being His servant. I know that this is the only true church, and the ordinances that we do are the only ordinances that will allow us to return back to the presence of our Heavenly Father.

Love you all!

Here's some pics from the district activity!

(Suero's camera has some weird filter on it, we aren't really that colorful)

I have a lot of pictures, some going back to Caguas --
 Gladys from Caguas
 Noel from Caguas, super cool dude!
Elder Colon, Elder Suero and I at transfers

Pictures from Hato Rey --
 Me and Monica Puig who won the gold medal in Women's Tennis form Puerto Rico!

wow que artsy
 Us at Viejo San Juan in 'El Morro'

 check out my pano skills

big walls and lots of sun

Elder Orr, Elder Suero and I at transfers

 I went on an exchange and I got a bunch of free tshirts, this one dad will like I think

My companion, Elder Munoz, from Mexico

 we attempted to take an Abby Road pic but the timer didn't work

It started to rain super hard as we were walking around El Morro the other day, so we kinda got soaked. But just so you can see the storms that randomly roll in!!

Our attempt at an Abby Road pic like the Beatles.... some funky Australian dude took the picture and with a serious Australian or British accent said ¨wowwww rad!¨ hahaha

 Elder Munoz and I in Viejo San Juan

Old San Juan under a lot of rain!

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