Monday, September 12, 2016

Contacting and talking and time in the sun

Pues esa semana fue algo dificil. Estamos encontrando in monton pero nos hace dificil encontrar estas personas de nuevo. So es in poco dura la obra cuando no encuentra las personas listas.

But on the bright side I'm on the mission and I can speak Spanish so that's good.

But this week was actually pretty fun. We did find a cool couple and had a solid lesson with them and a member, so hopefully they'll be able to progress soon! Ooohhhh and a family that's super cool, the mom of the wife is Mormon and is super strong in the church in the Dominican Republic, so she committed really fast to come to church next week, so we'll see!

The rough part is not having baptismal dates and investigators in the chapel coming to church with us. But we'll change that fast this week. I realized that as we plan we set goals, but then we don't push ourselves to reach those goals. That's what we're going to focus on this week.

But I think something really cool from this week was the stake conference. A lot of people in Puerto Rico wonder when they're going to have a temple here instead of having to fly out of the island. And the answer that the stake president gave super fuerte was "pay your tithing. If you don't pay, if you reject a calling, or are failing to keep any of the commandments it's because you don't have faith". Like WOW he just told everyone that we need to change our lives and be better. But it's true. When we fail to complete our callings or we don't push ourselves to keep all the commandments it's because we lack faith! We think we know better! We all lack the vision that our Heavenly Father has for us. If we truly have the faith that the Lord will help us and will provide for us, the commandments shouldn't be a problem. Obviously it's a ton easier to say than it is to do. But the concept remains! I think I mentioned this a while back when I wrote something about faith. If we don't have the faith, what we want is never going to happen without the faith in order to achieve it. Like Elder Bednar said in an article in the Ensign, we need to have the faith to be healed, but also have the faith to not be healed. We need to have the faith to accept the will of the Father! But in the long run, we need to know that however things happen in our lives, is how it's meant to be. In the end if we don't have the faith to accept His will, we will never have sufficient faith to receive what we want. There's a reason that faith is the first principle of the gospel. Without it we can't achieve anything.

Honestly that's about it. There wasn't anything super exciting from the week and I really don't remember everything we did. It all seems like a blur right now because it's a lot of contacting and talking and time in the sun.

But that's about it! Love you all!

Have lots of pictures but haven't been able to get on a computer that allows me to plug in and send them

Elder Moss and Elder Nelson on an exchange the other day

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