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That's right folks this last weekend we baptized the man Hector Delgado, he was a contact that we made in the street in the first week that Elder Colon was here with me. It was a super cool experience because Elder Colon actually started the contact in the street, just asking him if he wanted a card with a picture of Jesus Christ on it. That simple act of opening his mouth on his first day in the mission brought Hector to church and got him baptized! Just goes to show how the simple act of opening our mouths can go a long way, a really long way!!

The baptism was rad, there ended up being two baptisms on Saturday here in Caguas. One was a teenage boy named Frankie who has really changed since the day of his baptism. Honestly you can see the change in his face. But it was cool because we got like the whole ward involved in the baptism and the Relief Society room was full of people to see the baptism. Honestly it was super cool. President and Sister Boucher showed up, like it was just the whole nine yards. While the guys were changing after doing the baptism, we had a really cool testimony meeting and President Boucher bore a testimony super fuerte and simple. But it just like knocked your socks off.

And the week was really cool. Actually Sunday we went out with a member that had never really come out with us before. His name is Ezequiel and he's super cool, like one of my favorite members in Caguas. Super funny guy. But he came out with us and we went and visited 2 people that were just contacts we had made on the same street. So we visited the first guy named Juan, and Ezequiel testified super awesomely and we set a baptism date for the 30th. Then we went to the other contact and we started just talking to the 20 year old son, but like 5 minutes in, we had the whole family of 4 there listening to us and it was a super solid lesson. Ezequiel testified of the importance of families and how he knows that he'll be with his kids forever, and I do think that this family was really touched! Just a solid day that really got me pumped for this coming week. 

Today is the 4th and for our District Activity we're having a 4th of July 'Merican BBQ. It's rad. Hamburgers and Red, White and Blue jello. Pulling out all the stops today boys! hahahhaha!

I love the work. I love the mission. I love the gospel. I love my Savior. I wouldn't choose any other place in the world to be right now. The mission is the best. The work we do is divine. There are miracles every single day. And we see it all.

I know that this is the true church of Jesus Christ. He leads it. There is one path back to live with them and through the restored gospel of Jesus Christ I know what that path consists of. I know how to fulfill my purpose. Now it's my choice to follow the path.

Elder Nelson

Me and Elder Colon with Hector

So Hector is the big guy, the guy that baptized him is Renaldo Inesta, super cool guy. He went to the first appointment with us.

And here's Esteban. He dumped us this week, said that he doesn't want to change. Someday he'll get baptized

best district there ever has been in Caguas

4th of July matching ties with Elder Fox

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