Monday, June 27, 2016

prayer answered

Soooo this week was rough for the district again here in Caguas. Like we're progressing and we have people that are going to be baptized soon in Caguas, like speaking for the district, but it's been rough with injured missionaries and weird exchanges and all kinds of stuff that I can't really put into words. But it's been good.

The best part of what's going on right now is that on the 2nd, a guy we're teaching named Hector Delgado will get baptized. He's been coming to church and although he's super tranquilo and doesn't really express himself, knows that it's true and is excited to be baptized. On the 9th, a guy named Esteban is going to be getting baptized. He's super cool. Whenever we go over to his house we yell, "familia!!!" to get his attention because he's really like family. Just a super cool guy who's gone through a ton in life but has a huge desire to be baptized. It's literally been one of the biggest miracles to me, that he has really been able to change in order to be baptized. Super cool guy. I'll get some pics of them both soon.

This week was weird because Monday night I came down and I was super sick after our last appointment. I was freezing and couldn't move my joints and I had a gnarly headache and everything. So we got home and planned and then randomly President and Sister Boucher showed up at the house. Miracle. So they told me I either had Zika or chickunguna (idk how to spell that disease but it's another mosquito disease). So I was like dangit, that's like a week without work. So the guys gave me a Priesthood blessing and I went to bed but before getting in bed I said a super serious prayer. Like I was pleading to let me go out and work the next day. Then I went to bed and in the morning I felt fine!! I really know that the blessing that I was given worked, and that my prayer was answered. Truly, truly, got an answer to my prayers. What would have been like a week without work turned into one night down. It was a miracle.

But things are good here. We're working super hard and we're gonna see the results soon, the district as a whole should be baptizing quite a bit this month. So it'll be really cool to see how Caguas sees the results of our work soon.

I love you all, and miss you like tons. The mission is the best!

Elder Nelson

and whoops, another week without pics... next week fo sho!

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