Monday, June 20, 2016

Loving the mission!

Well this was a good week. Seems like it was kinda the same as the last one, but it was good.

It was hard to work on Saturday and Sunday because of Father's Day, so that kinda rained on my parade but happy late Father's Day to everyone!

The cool part about this week was probably the people we found. We ended up contacting a lot and found some cool people.  One day we were trying to find an old investigator and we ended up at his house but he wasn't there so we saw a lady in the street and we began to talk with her. She had gone to church and everything for a while and loved the lessons but her boyfriend (who she's living with) didn't want to get married so she just kinda dropped the missionaries. Her son who's like 10 said that he loved the primary. Like we gotta baptize these people they're so ready! It just showed once again how important it is to talk with everyone. You never know when or where you'll find someone who's ready to hear the gospel!!

Our investigator Esteban is super ready!! He is so excited to be getting baptized, it was so cool too because one day we were on the other side of Caguas from where we needed to be and we had called all the members possible to give us a ride. Nothing. Then out of nowhere Esteban shows up and says hey I'll take you guys wherever! It was a miracle.

I really don't know what else happened this week. Elder Colon is killing it, his Spanish is getting way better every day. He just loves to talk and learn and soon he'll be taking over the phone and everything. The guy is going to be an amazing missionary!

Oh yeah I'll be home in Oregon in less than a year now. So that kinda freaks me out. Less than a year left and every day is a count down! Not really, I'm not counting. Just need to make the most of every day in the mission because it's the best and you only get one chance like this! I've got nothing more to write, I just love the mission and I've come to seriously enjoy it. And we'll be baptizing soon. The 2 most probably are Esteban and Hector sooooo we'll see what happens soon.

That's it and all I've got time for! Love you guys, the church is true and I know it!

Elder Nelson

The Caguas Boyzzz

I got a huge McFlurry in a 32 ounce cup and a selfie with the workers in McDonalds (while on an exchange) to mark the fact that I go home in 1 yearrrrrrrrrr pa la casa!

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