Monday, June 6, 2016

Meet my son/greenie

Wow so this week was nuts!

On Tuesday I left Caguas at 10am and got back at like 7 pm. I was helping people move their suitcases and stuff until 5 when I got to pick up my son/greenie! His name is Elder Colon, he's from Miami, Florida and his dad is from Puerto Rico. So everywhere we go, people ask, "hey are you from here?" and he says in his broken but ever improving Spanish "no but my dad is" and then they talk about a ton of other things that don't apply to their original question. But that's Puerto Rico! hahaha.

But he seriously surprised me when we went out to work this week. He taught me a ton about the importance of opening our mouths. He might not know all the words he needs in order to contact someone completely, but because he knows how to say "hey do you want a card with a picture of Jesus Christ?" we've found some truly cool people this week that we would've passed over in a normal day. Definitely learned from him!

This week we also had to help the Zone Leaders from Aguas Buenas move down into Caguas. So now there's 8 missionaries in Caguas and 2 more living with us. So the house has been a mess this week with all the furniture and stuff from their old house. It's been crazy and stressful and has felt like a super short week. But it was cool because we can see progress! We have investigators that are so close to baptism but just need to make the decision and need to come to church. With a couple named Jose and Maria, we made a break through after we almost lost them. It was such a cool lesson.

Explanation- we went and wanted to watch the Restoration movie. So we did. But they lost the remote to the tv so we couldn't change the language to Spanish. So I had to translate the whole thing for them! But even though I translated, we all still felt the spirit and the member we were with helped a ton. So there is progress and we should baptize soon, I can feel it.

Other than that, that is it for the week. Lots of moving and arranging and working and stuff and teaching and it's been interesting having to teach most of the lesson, makes me think about how to teach better and how I can help Elder Colon to be able to take part in the lessons.

I love you all and I hope you all remember that the church is true. This is His gospel and His work. I'm so grateful to be here working on His time, with His children. It's an honor.

Elder Nelson!!!

With my son/greenie, Elder Colon

 At transfers I found mi gordito Elder Sueroooooo! (above) and also Elder Moran (below) 

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