Monday, June 13, 2016

Just enjoying the work. It's amazing.

Wow this week was sooooooo cool. We worked our butts off!

It seems like we were just really good at making good use of our time this week. Elder Colon has taught me a ton about talking to everyone. It was so funny because it's happened like 4 times where we're walking on the side walk and he runs into me because he tries to cross the street to talk to a guy walking the other way! He's got what they call the greenie fire! But really his example has taught me a lot and has helped me to open up more and just share the gospel the way it was meant to be shared. I just thought it was seriously funny how we like crash into each other because he's so anxious to talk to people! Great example to me though.

There wasn't exactly anything super exciting this week, we just worked a ton and found lots of new investigators and worked a lot with the members. Elder Colon is picking up Spanish super fast too. He's so easy to train! But probably one of the coolest parts of the week was on Saturday. We had a lesson lined up with a member and everything, but then they called like 30 minutes before to tell us that they weren't going to be home. Nuts. You can't just lose a member present lesson like that! So we decided to not even tell the member that they cancelled. We thought and prayed a lot about who we could visit. Then in my head popped a name, Julio. He's a guy I had visited a few times but lives pretty far away. But with the member we could get there. So we went, not knowing if he would be there either! But we got there and it was an inspired lesson. The member became a really good friend of the investigator, totally clicked, and the conversation we had to begin lead directly into a conversation about the Book of Mormon. And it was cool because Elder Colon explained the history of the Book of Mormon and everything and then said, "but my companion can explain it better". But Julio the investigator just sat there smiling and said, "no, I understood everything. I'm so glad you have brought this book to me, I had never heard of it before." Literally it was an inspired lesson and I know we were directed to that house!

Second cool thing, on Sunday we had already gotten one investigator to church named Hector. He was there early and situated, but we had another that said he was coming. His name is Esteban and he's an old investigator in the area but now he's really changing and wants to be baptized. He said he would come. 9:15 and hadn't showed up. So I was like silently praying and then right before the sacrament was passed, he showed up. His tire had blown up on the way, he changed it, and still came to church. What commitment. The thing is, he is like half handicapped, he has a leg that doesn't walk right. So for him to still make it to church and almost on time just blew my socks off. Love the guy, he'll be baptized soon too!

It was just a super cool week. I don't have a whole lot more to say because we just worked a ton. I didn't even think to take pictures. BUT I'M ALMOST TO A WHOLE YEAR wow how crazy huh?

Anyways, I know that this work is directed by the Lord. It is His work. There is nothing better than serving a mission, I can promise that. I've come to a point where as I have to train a new missionary, I love the mission. I tell him every day how great the mission is because when you really try to dedicate yourself to the work, you can just enjoy it. It's amazing.

Love you all!

Elder Nelson

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