Monday, December 5, 2016

It's all good

Hey everybody!

This week wasn't anything really special, we had a ton of appointments to go to but a lot of them ended up falling through even though we had confirmed that same day! So that was a little disappointing... but it's all good because we have some cool people that are progressing. So we're happy for that.

We're working with a less active family that is coming back to church slowly. We went and visited them on Tuesday and it turns out that while they were less active for 3 years, the daughter wasn't able to get baptized! So we're jumping on that and hopefully we can get her baptized on the 18th. Her name is Penelope and she's 9 years old. Super super cool girl. She talks a ton and is really, really funny! Super cute. And they're a really cool family so hopefully soon they can get to the temple and stuff. That'd be sweet!

We're working with a few families also, the hard part is just getting in with them to visit! Everyone has really weird schedules and they have babies and it's just not the best for meeting with the missionaries. But we'll see if they can progress because they have a ton of potential, it's just hard with their schedules and stuff.

There really wasn't anything special or funny that happened this week, we just worked a ton and walked a ton and it was really tiring and stuff. Really nothing special. Maria did get called as the 2nd counselor in the Young Women's presidency though! So that's awesome! They've already got her working and planning activities for the young women.

I think this week I've really realized how unique the Church of Jesus Christ is. Like we're really like no other church. It's completely unique and really is a church to help all get back to His presence. Everyone is there with one goal and that one goal is clearly shown by the services that are done in the church, the way the members are and the involvement we all have in the church. It was interesting this week to really understand that.

Love you all and hope you have a semana que sea super chevere!
 Elder Nelson

Carmen Ivette Ortiz came up from Caguas to visit Colon and I and took us out to eat in Plaza Las Americas on Tuesday! 

Elder Colon

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