Monday, December 12, 2016

Things turn around! Christmas baptism scheduled!

The first part of the week was pretty rough. We've gone a few weeks without finding any really solid investigators and I was starting to get really stressed out about it. Like I was really stressed because we've just been teaching the same people for like a month without finding other people to bring to church! But things got turned around.

Like it's just my luck to go to a new area to contact and the few 5 houses we contacted say "You guys need to leave, they just shot a guy on this street last night." It was super annoying like everyone was super scared and told us to leave "for our protection" but they wouldn't let us in to share a message about Jesus Christ. So that didn't make a lot of sense to me. Dumb people. But it was cool because we found a few cool potentials, and contacted into an older couple that we had no idea was there, that go to a different ward on assignment from the stake. They gave us food and a ride home. Super cool people.

But yeah so the start of the week was rough. I was discouraged because Penelope (who's the 9 year old daughter of the less active family we visit) was like, "no, I want to be baptized on January 8th." And we were like WHYYYYYY but she was stuck on being baptized on the 8th! Even though it's like a month away so we just told her to talk with her parents and pray about being baptized on the 25th. Because like the girl is ready, she says better prayers than lots of adults I've met, hahaha. So we left her like that. It was funny because the girl is so cute but she was just firm on the 8th of January!

That was Thursday. At that point we still hadn't found new investigators. And I was stressed. But then Friday came around and we had a solid day. Although it started off really rough. We went to contact a giant apartment complex and it was hard to start out. Nobody even answered the door at first. We even thought about leaving but then we made a contact between buildings and it was super cool and I think that was the key. We just had to listen to the spirit and contact whoever we felt would accept us. So we just went off talking and we found some really cool people. One really cool family too.

Then Friday night we had a ward Christmas activity and Penelope tells me "Hey Nelson. I wanna be baptized on Christmas" and I was pumped. So that was a little miracle. And her dad was just reactivated and he's going to baptize her!

Saturday we had exchanges with the Zone Leaders and it was really cool because Elder Colon worked in our area with Elder Ourth and they came home that night with 6 new investigators and some really cool experiences. So all our contacts were really cool!

Elder Colon was really funny when they came home because he said that they taught a family that we contacted in the apartments, but it was a really weird lesson. But then on Sunday, they all showed up at church! We weren't expecting at all to see them in church. So that was tight.

Sunday was super cool too because the Primary did their annual program and it was super cool! There's a gringo family and the little kids were so cute speaking their Spanish hahaha and Penelope did great on her part in the program! So it turned out being a really really cool week! And we expect to have a lot of success this week.

And if everything goes well, we could be baptizing a girl named Diandra on the 18th. She's been like flying under the radar but she's progressing pretty well so we'll see if we can get her prepared in time.

Love you all, have a great week and remember the reason for the season!
Elder Nelson
Exchange with Elder Gil

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