Thursday, July 16, 2015

Buzz cut!

(Zack's mom here.  Didn't get a letter today, just some pictures, which is odd...maybe his email got lost in cyberspace!  But here is some info he sent to others that I've pieced together! He's referring to his Dad's broken legs/ankles)
I've been wondering all day about why Heavenly Father would put this trial in the lives of my family. I've prayed so much.  They always say that the families of missionaries are blessed like you wouldn't even know, and now my dad is having surgeries and is out of work for months. Where's the blessing in that? This just makes me wonder why something like this would happen to my family. Through all of my prayers, the only thing that comes to me is that everything happens for a reason. I have no idea why, but the trials are in our lives to make us stronger. After going to the temple today and praying all day, I've been comforted knowing that things will work out and that it was put in our lives for a reason. Someday, we will know why this trial was put in the life of my dad and my family. That's the beauty of the gospel. God has a plan for each of us and it won't always be what we expect but we have to look forward with faith in Christ that we will make it through stronger than when we began.
Things are going really well here. My Spanish is getting a lot better and I can do a full lesson with an investigator in Spanish with no notes. The Lord is truly blessing me.
The MTC brings a barber in every 2 weeks and I didn't want to wait 2 weeks so I went and got a haircut but he didn't speak English and didn't ask what I wanted done and then he just buzzed my head! I look like a thumb! haha

Hope you guys are doing well with dad being all crippled and stuff. That's such a bummer. Make sure he knows that I love him and wish I could be there to give him a blessing.

I love you guys,

Elder Nelson

Dominican Republic Temple

        with Elder Valle

     with Elder Henriod.  Buzz cuts, we look like thumbs! haha

             next to the Dominican Republic Temple sign

       With campaign posters for AP (a district joke)

              Dominican Republic Temple

              me and Elder Spence

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