Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Made it to the Dominican Republic MTC!

We made it to the MTC in the Dominican Republic and man, it is one totally different world. The drivers are crazy and there's basically no rules and we almost got into like 7 wrecks and it was freaky but thrilling haha. Our flight from Portland was smooth, and then our flight from SLC to JFK got delayed an hour because of mechanical issues or something so we didn't leave until 1am Utah time.  Once we got to JFK we had to scramble to find our gate but thankfully made it in time. The DR is soooo hot and humid. Thankfully, the MTC is air conditioned. Apparently this week, the MTC is getting 47 new missionaries which will be the most it's ever had at one time when you add in the few that are still here. My MTC companion is Elder Morris from California.

Also, we ate our first rice and beans meal right when we got to the MTC and it was surprisingly good. I'll probably get sick of it but so far the food is good. And lots of bananas. They're kinda force feeding us Spanish as well so hopefully I'll be fluent sooner rather than later.

Anyways, I love you guys. Tell everybody I said hi.

Elder Nelson

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